Dear, Ali Vittali… Skip the Circus Beastie

Meet Mí at The Attic, Sweet Emotion, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…

Let Ari Melber eat FreeJoles… o como dicen los franceces-es-eSoS:


We begin the 3 pm hour in a New York Minute, where a couple of “bestias” were rounded up in Philadelphia, the American media refuses to call them “chicos” what they are, here in Paris, where the Nine o’Clock hour just struck the middle, man, they call’em: domestic terrorists.

Over at the Spy vS Spy stream…

It appears that Black Spy was not briefed on the mole report, and as Öüï types, international spy and Canadian enthusiast, Avi Velshi, is fondling the plasma on Kornacki’s big screen.

This can only mean one thing, Avi managed to slip another warm glass of milk (not clear if cookies were included or, if Avi changed the warm comfy sheets on Steve’s catre).

Evidence found at Rockefeller Center cafeteria trashcan suggests that Avi slipped “powdered milk” onto Steve’s snack pack, investigators at that dump suggests that Avi had help in this operation and that it came from the INSIDE of the Velshi household… HOLY FUCK! Perry Mason, Avi Velshi is moonlighting as an “American”.

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