This is The They of the dead… as Öüï know it

Eye voted for Dr. Fauci… and Eye feels fine.

[B]ut nevermind the They, just remember the 44° Due EAST, at 48°5136” N and 2°2111” E, to be precise because later in the programing Öüï will re-count a Chat he had with Picasso, en dónde el “cubista” le dijo a Mí:

Hoy no hubo Jazz

Hoy no hubo Jazz 🥁6D7B46B9-EF98-41C1-AA1E-37C3A86760EE 🗳 Issy, East on D.A.T. D.A.R.E. longitude, but on the opposite corner, facing Brancusi, someone whispered that Blue, is Knot in another dimension [and off–course Öüï is paragliding with that phrase] “Bleu is its own Dimension,” or something like D.A.T.. Yeah, Buddy!

“Yo no busco—encuentro”.

The only thing D.A.T. is missing is the doG… wait for, IT!, wait…

Lorem I.P. Σ Dolor es LoLa — phasellus purus odio, mollis ut ipsum sit amet, commodo facilisis quam. Maecenas nec scelerisque augue. Praesent ac gravida risas. Mauris viverra est mi, at dignissim odio bibendum eu. Suspendisse porttitor dui non blandit laoreet. Duis venenatis venenatis quam at finibus. Nulla id dignissim neque, quis sollicitudin massa. Aenean maleducada in dolor ac aliquam.

There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain…” 🕸 B01BB593-358A-4DF7-962A-7E926BECBB04 🦚 La señal de La Rhule supersedes “La Señal de La Cruz” … A–men!

The Exception to the Rhule


My fellow Americans

My fellow Americans, D.A.T. D.A.R.E “pause” icon on Olivia Troye is really the Roman Numeral Tú en “gorditas” .:. 1358ECE0-7752-4A1A-B438-1A648D4CA730 🗣

But FO’ist, “IT’s Election Eve”.

Synopsis: Peacock central Betts on Donnie Deutsch-es-es “streaming” coverage of the Finale episode of Election Knight. Starring certified “slave-free” correspondents, reporters and —off-course— sexy-ass pundits in one place called, Madame Hunt’s Detention Channel.


Deer, Marianne...

Deer, Marianne, don’t go losing your head over the missing star on that Cock, Öüï borrowed, IT!, to remind the great State of Georgia, that indeed we all miss Sweet Melissa .:. 0D2D2815-72AB-4094-90E2-04FC766E647F .:. Go hug a fucking Cow, or other assorted farm animals, but please stay away from The Circus beasts.*.. bunch of Monkees in that fucking crowd y’all.

* https ://www .fip .fr /rock /les-rolling-stones-exhument-leur-premier-live-de-sympathy-devil– 18498

It’s–ah—gonna bee a long week, and just in Case [i] forgets, Öüï would like to remind Lorde Lorne D.A.T., yes, indeed, with an Apple on top: Eye ❤️ N.Y..

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