Peh Double R Eh Oh in The U.S.A.

Man, Eye does not know what is going on with the Hearthland, but D.A.T. D.A.R.E. motion between Mississippi and Arkansas, and Kentucky and Tennessee sure are lighting up Indiana.

18 hours later, The Senate will remain being the Senate, with a jacked-up Supreme Court, and a current president who like all of his money shots (photo-opportunities) as if the American Election was a DON KING boxing event in South East Asia or that place called Africa.

Over at Mars Mom's house

Over at Mars Mom’s house 🤶🏻 6459968B-6258-425E-80FF-DB482518FBAB 🎅🏻 with D.A.T. in mind Öüï is happy to inform the WAY TOO EARLY crowd that Kasie Hunt won the BETTS against Baby Mars-es-es other Parental unit, but there was a price to pay, and Mr. Dad played the role of Daddy Yankee.

Is the count BANAL? Let’s ask Chance, knot the rapper, but the actual “occurrence of events in the absence of any obvious intention or cause¹”.

With that in mind, let u.s. flip the PAGES, —yes, brothers in Siestas— pages in motherfucking plural, of two editions of Robert’s little dic.

But FO’ist, since Öüï is allowing the “paid professionals” to record history in the making, and Eye took the day off, here is the backstory on Chance, ISSY, Serendipity’s little fucking minions are all up in this bitch, Ari Melber.

One thing before Öüï flips the page to n°87 of 1972 in the spread above, is that We The Staff of This (here) Most non-Consequential blog did instruct Paola Ramos to “Sink” Florida, but that goddamned Vice with the Bacardi crowd is one difficult habit to break. Today, Florida redefined what the “it’s morning in America” propagation means to that Hispanic monolith in the Gulf of Mexico.

… jump to page 87, BAN.

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