Edición vespertina: chingue a su madre quien no vote, punto

Las cartas fenemenológicas

Step One: Open the door…

It’s no biggie, period… unless you happen to bee an “APP BASED DRIVER” in California, because:

Please refer to what El País in Spain told Jeff Bezos… in other words, Billionaires that are profiting from the ever growing pandemic don’t feel the need to recognize the “knock on the doors” that makes those Start-Up’s credit card charges chirp like R2-D2. This is the bubble for MEASURE 22, which STATES and Eye quotes, “EXEMPTS APP BASED TRANSPORTATION AND DELIVERY COMPANIES FROM PROVIDING EMPLOYEE BENEFITS TO CERTAIN DRIVERS”.

He allí la falsedad

He allí la falsedad .:. FE6FCF9B-1B8B-4F10-BBEC-32D75A86B1FB 🎙 If it is a “government by the people and for the people”, or something like that, WHY? Why, is this even a question! It’s a given, employees that make you rich deserve employee benefits.

… [S]o, an interesting play developed on the International Post, the arrival of my Riverside ballot coincided with tonight’s midnight extravaganza at the French Post (Louvre). Indeed, tomorrow night at this same timestamp the streets of Paris will be gloriously empty, again, and so for an EXCEPTIONAL night, Öüï will probably get to mail our vote at The Midnight Hour, give or take the 15 minutes to clear the premises.

Y por si sobrara menos, if you are an “App-Based” delivery driver chances are that you might be a Senior in high school, MEASURE 18 amends the State Constitution to allow your ass to vote provided that you turn 18 before the next election… too bad you have no say so in that decision, eh‽ Eye got your back, kid.

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