The Civil Code as read by Mel Blanc on: THE PRODUCERS

A Brooks apart, n’importe quoi
production company

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /mundo /2020/01/17/ destituye-brasil-a-su-secretario-de-cultura-por-citar-a-goebbels-4549

Dear, Marianne

Dear, Marianne .:. 42C2A471-CA64-44A4-930E-7A248ADFC457 ⚖️ Perhaps, Marianne, your Rédacteurs at la préfecture de police à Paris forgot that inside of one of the paragraphs of my Proposal Letter to the French General Consulate at Los Angeles, California, the “impersonated” voice of God himself (Mel Brooks) could be heard telling you about the paralleled motions (think 🎢) that we observed at the time (2010) between the French Civil Code and Mexico’s interpretation of the LAW, and boy! Oh–boy! Would you look at that Gilligan’s Island “S.O.S.” sign to the right of Annie Karni’s fraternal twin brother at BFM’er Central. Oh, the humanity.  Where are all the “Men in Tights” when you need’em, Robin? — … [A]nd the Hood(ie) goes: On Strike, motherfucker, on Strike.

Over on the Opera front, Motherfucking Molière just crossed the picket line, reached for comment, a French “producer” said that he is banking on Broadway to come and scoop the Opera lovers purchasing power, Cinema could care less about the strike, “popcorn is Cinema’s business, and business is, meh‽”, said the owner of Detente Cinéma, Marcel Génolini. (Source: Nº 2514 CN~16012020)

SCABS!!! Imported from Broadway

They tagged along with D.A.T. American

They tagged along with D.A.T. American “in”
Paris, you know‽ .:. FA9ACD7F-7822-453F-83D3-830A8848D62E —_•!•_— Sources close to La Place Colette, (fidedignas de doña Vilma Fuentes) reportan que MISMO un brasileño, MINISTRO de cultura gritaba a los 4 vientos torcidos de Dios, frases de Herr Goebbles para celebrar la Misa En Sena*

https ://www .cnews .fr/culture/2020-01-14/alexis-michalik-va-mettre-en-scene-le-musical-culte-de-mel-brooks-les-producteurs


Copy-right .:. F694CD19-2513-48AB-938F-BDB8E8F99241 —_•!•_— “Good night, and good luck”.

BRANAAA! – This is a Time-Delayed Entry*

*… for Page ONE of 14/02/2018

The debate is eternal, because “You” let it breed… }–~~~\*>  Uso justo de La Semana que Philippe Labró.

and, YES «BRO»,
you may RELAY to «Cousin JOE»
at his RedNeck Riviera…
that the Staff [here] is in fact,
MAD; mad as hell —as a matter of fact.

16 de febrero, 2018
Sabbatical Day N° 43
«Happiness and a Warm Gun…
Bang Bang Shoot Shoot

♫ ♫ ♫ Happiness… is a warm gun (bang bang shoot shoot)
Happiness… is a warm gun – mama (bang bang shoot shoot)
Happiness… is a warm gun, yes it is (bang bang shoot shoot)
Well don’t you know that
Is a warm gun, yes it is… gunnnnnnn
Happiness… (bang bang shoot shoot).

La Semana que Phillipe Labró


Hola WaPo:

There’s no need to go into details, because as former ATTY. GRAL. Eric Holder knows, shootings in America (con, o sin acento) are part of everday life —like pumping GAS— so we [the staff] are going to take the liberty of modifying the headline of “Page 3” of the “Direct CNEWS Matin” for the FIRST DAY of THE Year of THE DOG in the following manner, below, to better reflect the real essence of the good ol’ United States… please let us know [the Staff] if we are fucking up in Translation; please.

La vraie nature de l’hymne américain est enracinée dans le bonheur d’une arme à feu, tiède, comme un œuf à la coque…. o como dicen allá en Banderilla, Veracruz; La Naturaleza de los Americanos al Norte del Rio Bravo, Monsieur Brana, en una puta—Fusca tibiay la felicidad “un chingo y dos costales” (that means, a shitload, Mr. Brana) de balas frias… regardless —KURWA— of what the N.R.A. dictates. 

Don’t believe us; KURWA, just go ahead —KURWA— and ask the A.T.F..

G’ahead, —KURWA— ask.


TimeStamp: 17h30 in CET

** KURWA, pronounced as KURVAH or CURVA,
is Polish for finding yourself on the side of a target area…
of a “
Bang Bang Shoot Shoot“.

As in:

«KURWA! We had nothing to do with the Burning Ovens and “Death through Work programs” of the Nazi’s, KURWA!
Kurwa, those were designed by «the» BMW,
KURWA! and the SIEMENS CORP., Kurwa»

…said the Polish colaborator,
from the time of the Third Reich occupation period.