All strings considered — It’s WaWa time

Ladies in Artemis… I am only the messenger, I don’t select the distance:

Tonight our planet Mercury will be allowed to get as far away from that fuckin’ Sun, and maybe, if the clouds of Dover stay the fuck away, you might get a glimpse of the ‘genie’.


At the karaoke bar, Sam Stein is gettin’ down with a folk rendition of C&C Music Factory’s, “Sweat”… and now, the rest of the story¹.

Over at FOX, Dora fait son cinéma.

Sam Stein always wanted to be Bob Dylan, which is why after reading Ambroise Brice’s “Strange Incident” telenovela script, Sam dropped everything that he was doing at the time (eating Cocoa Puffs® and watching 📺 reruns of Gilligan’s Island 🏝️) and took a Greyhound with a Chihuahuense transfer to Durango.

Long story short, Sam Stein was never HO’id from again.

Las can°y°cas de Juanito Radio.

Any how, Katty Kay… you gotta’ be white to think like that in Vietnam, or something like that, Elias.

In the mean while… Welcome, señor SIXTO, right this way—and nevermind that pinche BOCHO de mierda, all that he wants is his cut from the remittences, and it is not as if a Rock City fellow is going to be sending remittences in 1971, heck you are were not even recognized by México lindo y querido back then, eh?

But as an observer from “el extranjero”, it sure was nice that el llamado “instituto mexicano de la radio” —IMER— mentioned that he [Sugar Man] liked “pecsi“… thanks, Obama, Öüï loves ‘dichotomies’

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