Previously on Hemp stationary* for Victory… le comenta-ba a Alberto en l’IMER

💡 RIP (14 October 1878* — 1 August 2023)

Le doux Michel, le poète, l’acteur. Il s’allonge volontiers sur un mur avec un livre, prenant la pose d’un Alexandre le Bienheureux. Il tourne dans un film, Versailles, que l’on projette à la Bagagerie. C’est un gourmand, il aime le cervelas, la saucisse du chasseur, spécialité belge que je lui rapporte parfois. Michel s’investit dans la marche de l’association, mais n’est pas toujours net sur lui. Ce jour-là, ils ont, Marie et lui, rendez-vous avec nos édiles. Pour l’occasion, Michel s’est un peu ajusté, mais sans exagération. Soudain, j’entends Marie, agacée : « Michel, tu ne peux pas venir comme ça, tu sens trop le pipi. » Je ris sous cape et le bon bougre, la tête baissée de lui promettre d’être plus propre les jours de représentation officielle. Michel a trouvé un toit chez les Petits Frères des Pauvres. Tout le découragement du monde s’est abattu sur moi, le jour où j’ai rencontré Sébastien dévasté, pleurant son ami Michel. Si Michel n’a pas su garder son logement, c’est à  désespérer de toute action. Je téléphone à Marie, Michel va bien. C’est un autre Michel qui est mort

Marie-Ange Schilt’z (ibid.)
page 183, ¶3

*~. https ://patents .google .com /patent /US214636

WestÂşSteiÂşJjin productions in association with:
De Ceglia
… and of–course, Marshall and the Vico Scholarship, present, “A his°tory of ideas 💡  scratch that one, you may use a candle or even fire but you may not use Edison-grade focos.


Let’s Dew The Mat 🤼… Willie Geist stars as president Petro’s son, the Staten Island native has the CUNT-lips to match the Petro…da’llards, that’s for sure.

In Russia, Hemp is outlawed, and Alexei Navalny is sentenced to 19 years in prison.

https ://www .francetvinfo .fr /monde /russie /rusia-alexei-navalny-condenado-a-19-años-de-prisión

Red bud


… and Ana Cabrera, you look awesome in RED.

And, Luc Frelon, fuck you and Donnie Deutsch!
It’s USA, not USE… yor Sum of a bitch.
Get your vowels in order, Eh!
Ah is B4 the mirrored 3.

And futher MORE, eh!
Ewe know that USA is Present.
And, IT!, Should go without metioning,
that USE is the past participle of the Youse!

Me says Oh.


I can see for Davis, UC, check it our Marie-Ange Schiltz, below this here cutline you will find that same HOT-LINK from the opening obituary for an incandescent translation on this particular page, now then, are you ready to C (pronounced like the letter See, or Sea) « Fabrice, dit Fabrizio? »



Sweet Michel, the poet, the actor. He likes to lie on a wall with a book, posing like Alexander the Blessed. He’s immersed* in a film, Versailles, at the time on the screen at La Bagagerie. He’s a gourmet, and loves hot-links*, the hunter’s sausage, a Belgian specialty that I sometimes bring him. Michel is committed to the running of the association, but isn’t always neat about himself. That day, he and Marie have an appointment with our concejales. For the occasion, Michel tidied up himself a little, but without exaggeration. Suddenly, I hear Marie, annoyed: “Michel, you can’t come like that, you smell like pee.” I laugh under my breath and the good fellow, with his head bowed, promises to be tidier on official business* days. Michel found a home with the Petits Frères des Pauvres. All the dismay in the world washed over me the day I met a devastated SĂ©bastien, mourning his friend Michel. If Michel hasn’t been able to keep his quarters, I lose hope* of any action. I telephoned Marie, Michel is fine. It was another Michel who’s dead.

*~. Some might say that them sausages are Swiss, but that is another story, para los muy belgas.

page 180, ¶3

If only the Paris Tourism Board had the fucking Imagination. And, Cousin Joe, please relay to your beau-brother In Poland, that I literally could not make fiction from this pulp if I wanted to, I mean what are the odds:

DigresiĂłn para todos los putos, y putas tambiĂ©n, de GaBo’ en el IMER.

Y, Alberto… ni modo de decir, o reportar que a GaBo no le gustaba el brisket, o barbacoa culera de Texas, segĂşn La Juventud Venezolana (Association 1801 en ParĂ­s, Francia).

https ://norman .hrc .utexas .edu /gabrielgarcíamárquezan-inventory-of-his-papers-at-the-harry-ransom-center

Schtrukturation ingredients — La mezcla:
– 3 costales de cemento
– 2 kilos de WATT?
– 2 rebanadas de Shit-rock
– 16 toneladas de Vittorino.


— The corrupt nature of a sitting president’s son.

1. https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/08/03 /mundo /l’hijo-de-gustavo-petro-dice-que-dinero-ilegal-entro-a-campana-presidencial/

— A Polish-based C.E.O. in the coordinates from where Mexican Coca comes from.

2. … Dun-Dun-Dun đź“•

— … And of course, Mika is a fucking android! But you are no ghaD-DamneD “blade-runner”, Congressman, fo’Phuks sake Joe, you can’t even roll the Benjamin’s into a straw [pole].

For those who see the news elsewhere

For those who see the news elsewhere

3. … It’s all Chinese ⌨️ to MĂ­ đź’°

I hate to say it, but Eye Gknew this.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip /club-jazzafip-du-jeudi-22-septembre-2022

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