There’s a new Coke in town… and it’s a contreFAIRE

You may, ring my Belle, Cousin Joe. It’s o.k. Mika, just close your eyes and pretend it’s Twilight Time… You Know My Name, pick-up the number.

Fuck you, Donnie Deutsch!  My Rumba is in par with Chano Pozo 🪘

No apologies… by Poppy Bush, “god bless the U.S.A. », the only nation on planet Earth to be above credit ratings and, Jack Smith’s previous post (at The Hague³).


³~. Accountabilty for crimes against, —the humanity.

You know, doña Mika, that flag on the right-side of that ferry ride with the Staten Island brand sure looks Mexican from… a distance. God Bless The U.S.A., Governor Abbott, like George H.W. Bush will not apologize, EVER! For floating a killing buoy thingy between El Grande y El Bravo.

… And, Joe Scarborough fuck you, Aussie, —too.

Wow! Easy on the rape there, Congressman Scarborough, easy goodfella’, just because your brother-in-law is the Polish contact at the *Embassy does not give you the right to take all that cheddar for your quesadilla… watch out for little Jack’s Insulin supply, it might be counterfeit and then where would little Jack be?


https ://apnews .com /article /mexico-fake -counterfeit- products-cocacola-coke-

“These cats even had stolen delivery trucks, suggesting [according to the Associated Press] that these motherfuckers had been distributing the COKE!” 

“Take, IT, a güey… Ewe got it.


Old Salvador Dalí.

And, Cousin Joe, Eye told yo’Dumb-Country-Fry-Legal-Hawk ass that there is no “Nostalgia” involved in these sheets, it’s just the facts! And nothing but the the sugar cane on that high-fructose Coca.

https ://apnews .com /article / le-coke-mexicain-aux-etats-Unis-utilisera-toujours-du-sucre-de-canne

Even Better Than The Real Thing…
Thanks, OBAMA!

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