Previously on Ninja Scroll — De Piedra de ser la cama de Piedra las cartulinas

… Standing-by with Chickpea and the Avocado salad band


It’s 2h in CET, can’t sleep, esa Luna colorada won’t let me, too bad that I am working with 1800’s technology lenses… maybe I should follow the advice of the “emprendedores” of the new Juanito Guanavacoa Infomercial Show.

Don’t Worry be Happy.

Maybe, “happy news” is the way to go, but then again maybe what is keeping me up this madrugada are the two “cartulinas” stuck 🔪 on the chest of one of La Jornada’s ‘rocStars’, period!

And, Alicia Menéndez… R
Pour mettre fin à toutes les grandes guerres.

I mean, ask Alicia Leos, she’s been to Juanito’s cabin, she knows that before landing in Paris on-or-about 2013,  Francisco Belmont was a mercenary cop, posing as a refugee arriving from Narita International, via Hawaii or, maybe it was the other way around, maybe Juanito was a mercenary refugee posing as a run-away Mexican cop.



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