Model citizen 🦂 Zero discipline

Skid Row… Piece of Mí

One FO’ the money — Tú for the show.


Roger Pérez… Here’s your fucking CAKE :

We find Logan Roy next to the Twin Towers pulling his French “cart a commande”, or something like that, on his way to meet La Kerschovas à Bagñolet…

If youse monitoring in reel time allow me to pull this out 💥… 🤠 The Sheriff is A Nigger.

Sheeps go to heaven, goats go to Hell.

Issy, you may eat it, Aussie.


… [f]ROM THE CREATORS OF “¿y tu puta madre también, atando cabos?” and “Nevermind Morante de La Puebla, here come The Sex Pistols”, comes the story of Calculus 🔣

We now return to the man holding the storefront y a los hijos de María de Los Àngeles Schiltz.

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