Across The Universe — The Pygmalion Effect*

And, Ari Melber… The Grand ol’Painter, died last night and he told me back in 1973 that you and Bernard-Henri Lévy are a pair of gilipollas.


For context on the Ari Melber Show, know that last night during the Purple Pundit Show (hey, Nicolle!) mister Melber misquoted MAL-Haga’s favorite son, and both of Manuel Valls and Miguel Bose’s fingerbanger… but this blog is not adequate enough to engage in that adaptation.

Amateur artist borrow, great artists steal it.

Ari Melber in the role of Manuel Valls asshole.

*~. Advanced profiling (OBEY)… in Paris, France, for the first time of my 12 years here, a helicopter was hovering over Châtelet and the Saint-Michel Fountain, it’s the Compton effect, that’s what it is. Details tomorrow on The Adeline François Show. Right now, President Sarkozy is second-fiddle in the Executive news carrousel. It’s called the “not to be outdone by (x), the French yada, yada, yada,” effect.

https ://www .lemonde .fr /politique /2023/06/13 /nicolas-sarkozy-entendu-en-audition-libre-et-perquisitionne-apres-la-retractation-de-ziad-takieddine

Meanwhile at El Toledo de Miami — Golden Slumbers.


Previously on Le Pen Club translation project… I was in the middle of adapting the translation of Schiltz’ “incompetence”, her words… knot mine, when all of a sudden my incontinence got in the way so I had to transgress my eschatological intolerance on el toledo³.

▶️ §

Schiltz’ Incompétence continued:

En huit années, j’ai croisé plus de 150 usagers des services de l’association. Je reprends la liste. Peu échappent à ma mémoire. À l’évocation d’un nom, un visage, une personnalité surgissent. S’impose la diversité des caractères, des situations et des parcours. Quelques-uns sont sortis de la rue, d’autres se sont rapidement éclipsés, tandis que certains organisaient leur vie autour de la structure ou s’investissaient dans le fonctionnement de l’association. Sans oublier ceux qui en ont été exclus, incapables qu’ils étaient de respecter la charte de bonne conduite (alcooliques, drogués, violents, désocialisés abandonnés par le secteur psychiatrique que l’association est inapte à gérer). Et enfin, ma souvenance va à ceux, trop nombreux, qui sont morts prématurément.

L’ombre del Tour de France… Only on The Kerschovas Show, now in motherfucking STEREO.

In eight years, I’ve crossed paths with over 150 users of the association’s services. I revisit the list again. Few escape my memory. The anamnesis¹ of a name brings back a face and a personality emerges. The diverse characters, situations and backgrounds overwhelms². Some made it out of the street, others quickly slipped away, while others organized their lives around the structure or invested themselves in the running of the of the association and, without forgetting those who were excluded, unable to respect the charter of good conduct (alcoholics, drug addicts, violent people, derelicts abandoned by the psychiatric sector, which the association is unfit to handle). And finally, I would like to remember the far too many who who died prematurely.

¹~. Platonism. Recollection of the Ideas, which the soul had known in a previous existence, especially by means of reasoning… ASK MARY J. BLIGE, she knows this one, “🎶 it’s a déjà-vu, don’t Ewe know that you remind me of…”.

²~. Overwhelms for IMPOSING.

³~. Slippeed away instead of ECLIPSED.

P. 176 ¶2

³~. Actually it is spelled “tolido” and it’s what the good people in El Segundo Barrio (2nd ward) of “El Chuco” (El Paso, TX) call the toilet.. over in Little Havana, the Comode is referred to as, “el cagadero”, but that’s only because of all of the Bacardi terrorists crowd who live there… moros y cristianos.

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