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for the bag:

Youse gonna like the way you look, i guarantee it, me lo dijo The Men’s Warehouse, fellow. 58D5F83E-1146-49BB-AE1B-443B47B7D939 .:. Indeed, Kasie Hunt, MISS Elaine Benice is moonlighting Way-Tú-Early on BFMer’s First Edition —in French.

The “Nits” on George Clooney à la rue Clement (75006) are testimony that we saw todayThe International New York Times teaser about The Cloon below today’s edition of the very GERMAINE Die FrankfurterYESTERDAY, so “Call me mañana”, princess Palatine, if you want 2.

Any hoot, Mickaël, some of the names have been changed, in order to protect the They of The Innocents, and buddy, let Mí break IT!, down for you .:. BB9D1970-81BF-4349-810E-686542543382

LOUIE! LOUIE! Öüï want Louie, c’mon Kasie, Öüï want “asparagus” on The VIP-Veep! — But WAIT!!! AP-Lemire went with the story about National Security in a transition for today’s first period… “[B]ohhhhhRing!”, said the ye’Olde Beelzebub.

Over at The MorJo Show, Eddie Gloude Junior is leading the group in the role of El Charrito Pemex and, Gloude “flips the chip” on that most esteemed Beast, tieless fool and ugly Mexican: the one and lonely,  The Frito Bandito.

En Contexto:

https ://www .dallasnews .com /news /politics /2020/12/28 /louie-gohmert-sues-pence-in-far-fetched-bid-to-overturn-election-results-on-jan-6/

Stein wanted to start the morning off with the most ridiculous thing, even by Texas Standard (oils) and Willie Gohmer’s attempt to sue the still Vice-President, Mickaël Pence, was sure to generate some laugh tracks on the crocodile tears “about nothing”… yada, yada, yada.

After the break, hell hound-at-large, Sam Stein talks to goats, —on L.S.D.! Period .:. DF64FEF3-BCB2-43BA-9017-70CD1EC1D3C8

https ://old .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /kjo6q6 /frito_bandito_mascota_de_fritos_a_finales_de_los/

LoREM IP Σ (goes here)

Öüï last saw Mando engaging in a difficult conversation with CUATRO de A Caballo, and Felipe just could not be thought out of his ideOta to bag La Catedral, transcripts transliterated from the original Castilian, —“de aquél Real del Mapimí »:

Where, Felipe, where are you going to hide it, if you Do succeed in stealing Notre-Dame, eh? Motherfucker. Where?

And Philippe Labró goes:

Here. Jelipe would hide IT!, here, you sonovabitch.


I’m Sí-Rius:

Intro to teleportation assembly sequence sub-section

… but FO’ist a word from our Ufo-tee’s:

Could it be

Pre-emptive pardons are called “Amparos” (for plural) or “Amparo” (singular female) in Mexican juris dear Prudence .:. 80C05265-8C21-46CD-9BF4-F4D328F6A248 🗣 THE FOLLOWING, Must BE READ… in a Mr. George Constanza sire’s voice.
That unidentified “PARENTAL UNITS” on Sector Three from The Sun ARE NAMING THEIR OffSprings in honor of their FAVORITE “ANCIENT ALIENS” trope?
Nse”… give me a break, Mr. Ness. And those WERE KNOT, let me repeat THOSE BRIGHT OBJECTS ON THE SKY WERE NOT FLYING SAUCERS, —over Mr. Crowley’s Loch, PERIOD!

“It’s Festevus for the rest of u.s.!”
Georgia Project Exec. Dir.
Nse Ufot on the Morning Onion
with Lindsey Reiser.

After the break don’t forget to to say, “Hola mis negros!”. Hola mis negros! The Weekend is MsnBC’s affirmative action block. Heck, even Alex is the Darkest of the blondes. Alex is so hip she took the 8th letter off of the “alphabet soup” can, and mirrored the double erres (en la rae . es ) WITT a double tee, mAN… of course no affirmative action block is complete without “whitey”, and for that none better than Cousin Joe in the role of Officer “Hoppy” Hopkins of Sanford and Son fame.

Over on CSPAN-3 it’s, “Moments in History”. “THEY CALL IT THE FIRST TAKE ON HEARD IMMUNITY” Episode 33 .:. 10E7BE58-F9E1-40BE-AC4D-EE926A76CE6A 🚀 Harry “the rube” Truman the 33rd President of the United States: 1945 ‐ 1953, in this episode, THE WISE MEN urge the President to secure the nazi scientists working in New Mexico permanent U.S. Citizenship for their service; during that session the president asked about the Executive Order to recognize the Blacks and the Navajo Nation’s contributions… the wisemen would cement a quote that Mel Brooks would later immortalize at the Rockridge Land Grab sessions by telling “The Rube” that « They Are Such Children, Govenor »
Executive Order 10003Providing for the Investigation of and Report on Displaced Persons Seeking Admission Into the United States
October 04, 1948

https ://www .presidency .ucsb .edu /documents /executive-order-10003-providing-for-the-investigation-and-report-displaced-persons-seeking

Anyhow, let’s get back to the assembly sequence for our teleportation modeling interpretation, in this section the user is asked to keep a mental note of the fact that the makers of this assembly’s instructions do not select the topography nor the sites, we just Mark’#Em.

… [O]nce again, we kindly remind the teleporting enthusiasts that in this our Third Dimension it is not possible to teleport carbon-based meat, or any other matter for that matter, but we can do a dry-run to simulate the journey in the Fourth Dimension.

People who know, compare the teleportation experience, once the assembly sequence is complete, to the John Frum “cargo cult” in the Pacific Theater who simulate an air traffic control tower summoning First Lieutenant Milo Minderbinder onto their sandy landing strips.

It’s in the CLAUS(e):
There is no business,
like Show business.


Cargo cult and the Blacksheep Squadron:

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