Los Nazis en México on The Phang Show


Previously on “Katie Phangs moved to Paris Show”, here is the ‘Coyote’s’ take:

But FO’ist!!!

Just what kind of self-respecting Border Tsar goes Greek on the “elles”, ese? Someone who’s parents are “macedonis”, or as they (those mothe’l Fuck’els) in Puerto Rico call Em#:

Macedonios! So hav’at it mister Tsar, are you as Black as that Macedonian Queen of Denile?

I mean, it’s Trou 🕳️ that Eye has never been to Spain, but last Öüï checked, and even Catalonio Barcelonetto de Peralvillo agréés:

Corre y se va 🃏

de las insulas, majorca está a un lado de La Insula del Gobernador, y a lo mejor por eso los catalanes de Catalonia y Alicia³, le pusieron doble ele en lugar de la jota, pero si usted quiere y gusta puede seguir joteando en Palma, sin embargo, quitar las eles por la i griega, pues… esas si son chicanadas.

https ://www .europapress .es /catalunya /noticia-serrat-recibira-premio-alicia-trayectoria-concede-lacademia-catalana-musica-20230510180047 .html

Katie in Pink.

Katie in Pink. It’s a sketch not a sneakers.


Öüï now returns to the “Coyote’s” take:

I employed the Moses breeches flotation device³.

For illustration purposes only, do not attempt to get down on your own.


³~. Please be advised that Susana Pubedas animated breeches, nor Luc Frelongs dancing pants will float under this scenario, mostly if not completely on account that them pantaloons are designed to get down, and that is the last place the prospective “pollo” would want to get sucked to.

Say Gwen.

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