Intermedio con rfpp — FRANCE is a racist hypocrite

 France V Republic
Is Racist Hypocrite³

El Circo… de una finca turnada en show, allá por la llamada “pensada”, no se vaya… Pinche 🇦🇷 Presumido 🇮🇹 Pablo Krrrans 🇫🇷 Follows con sus pinches decepciones con los micrófonos improvisados de Enrique Bunbury en RFPP . net.

³~. Ministerio del Interior ⚜️ 2012-2017, and in this BAC our STAFF welcomes a new avatar named Armandine into the Cité archives realm en Châtelet, Metro Line 14, 11, 4, 7, and of course, —the yello’ one.




GRITABA last midnite Caro Quintero… long story short, the live transmission cut the mic from Lara as she began to give the location of her next gig in Paris, because Indeed—it’s a man’s world at rfpp . net, period!

Arrancamos, con un “open mic”, and if youse an Halcón you know what that freaq sounds like… 🕵️ en el Panorama con Lara.

It’s a damn shame that rfpp . net will not re-broadcast Lara’s libanés spiel, but that is only because of the provocative Costa Brava orgies that ended up in the DEVIL-op-MEaNT Gemni Idiots³ en Ciudad Juárez, ShyWaGüa.

³~. Feminicidios… In 2011 the French had not invented these, so here Ewe go, Phuckers. In the words of several professors at the IHEAL: the sources at La Sorbonne said that they were all PUTAS.

Protest Clown reports from Botzaris. Cáete Ventoso redacts 💨 Fuck, Sardou y su chanson José-José.

I swear, Francisco, that fucking Plastic Vincent is an HOY in as Phucks. Cut his mic! Cut his throat! Cut his Dick!!!

Öüï wants LARA!!! BRING her back! I dig her bones, and I haven’t even met her!

Gonna’ have to run to the monofranchun cornerstone to buy deodorant and ostiones 🦪 para que se me pare el pito.

Plastic Vincent Ono Band


Hoy mas que nunca: Siempre en domingo… now with jazz-grubs.

Always and what?

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