5 de mayo y dos con sal — Hold the Ketch-up

Hit Show — Franco-Forte—Confidence_Game—Continuar-Disarm—Raise_CAIN—Reincarnate-Verifying-Mage–practical move, HENRY THE HORSE, et. al…

And, KATTY KAY… didn’t I tell you (Bay-bee) that Rachel Maddow and Joseph CHARLES Scarborough the Third were one in the same. I mean, have you EVER, in all of the History of Europe, seen Maddow and Scarborough on the same TIME slot? Well, Have you, BAY-bee?

In local news, Ed Sheeran just told the Kentucky “blue-bloods” to fuck off. “It’s not as if you are going to trademark Les Blues?  », o algo así.

Well, they do keep the RATP running on Thyme, … pass the biscuits, please.

“Filthy and abominable”

https ://www .tastingtable .com /1156667 /how-eating-horse-meat-became-acceptable-in-france/

Dead horse sushi 🍣 from La France 🇫🇷… I think I’m Turning Japanese 🐴🐴🐴🐴 Eye really thinks, so… Garçon! Bring Mí, mai Chop Sticks, Eye believe you sick fuckers call these, “les baguettes », badum-Tish 🥢


https ://old .reddit .com /r /europe /comments /138b9ks /on_this_day_in_1821_napoleon_bonaparte_dies

What are the odds, that on the Same They, the same they, KATTY KAY that on the same day that the French gave up Puebla de Zaragoza to “el cerro de las campanas” back in 1862, Cousin Joe would announce that his royal highness is taking over the Maddow timeslot on primetime, next week.

And Katty Kay, I don’t know if the résonance of Napoleon Bonaparte’s death in Sainte-Hélène in 1821, following his fateful fall at the “loo”, has a sort of celebratory quésaco vibe for tomorrow’s Queen Camillas coronation during Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, but the timing seems to Mí, to be symbolic cenizas notables, —indeed.

The funeral was more fun, and Katty Kay is about to find out.


We find La Kerschovas in the heart of Westminster Abby, where she’d just happen to have stached her Tati™ bags in one of the Flying Circus-es buttresses. Denisa is whistling, “De Música Ligera” de SODA 🇦🇷 STÉRÉO… de aquel amor…

“Invitation card?”, replied Denisa when asked by a faggety-looking BEEFEATER Abby guard who patiently waited for La Kerschovas to parapluie ☔ down from the aforementioned Flying Circus-es buttresses with more style than Madame Poppins’ trademark en-trances on The Disney scene.

“Yes, madame, I need to verify your credentials before I let you break-on- through to the other side!”, answered the roast BEEF-EATER, to which Denisa in all her flamboyant extravagance immediately replied, “I don’t need no’Stinkin invitation badge!… I’m with Piggy, ya’See 🐷!”

Generals gather in their masses…

War Pigs… The flies on The Lord at The Countess next to Roma en Coyoacán, are symbolic as well.

Victory in Europe is upon U.S., again on the Eight of May and lest you motherfuckers forget, Aleister Crowley single-handedly beat the symbolic crap out of The Schutzstaffel, period! 

Aleister Crowley, for those out of the loop, was Sir Paul McCartney’s long-lost illegitimate dad.

Issy, “the cute one” is the son of The Anti-christ.

I bet you never thought why, Paul was “the cute one”, now did you? It’s because Paul’s was named after the cute “fallen” angel, that’s why.

We now turn our attention to the conclusion of our entry-draft for Le Pen Club “translation grand-slam” prize of 2023.

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