A Closer Look — Stars of 45*

 Previously on, “La Divina Comedia”, Brayant went the way of la Vía del Toledo en el Waterloo de la banca de Hirving en Nápoles… ‘member now, Brayant, que la 8va letra es muda en castellano, unless you place the 3rd letter in front of the aforementioned h.

Tu vuò fa l’americano

*~. Colt .45º… Won’t You Take Mí, tú… funky town.

Don’t Shoot The Messenger, I’m just a Gigolo.


And, Senator Warnock (D-GA)… Is the Spick going to get the same mental illness rétrospective as the fellow who put your children’s school on lock down?

And, Cousin Joe, there’s no Devil’s Advocate here, I am only bubbling on a different Diagram than the usual squares, but seriously who’s on First?

And, Reverend Al… never mind the “brand new rug”, Öüï got U.S. a new rockola©️.


Over at fip, the evil Emelia on Jazz à Fip just don’t get it, she tries, but she just cain’t Swing, IT!, period !

And, no. Emelia, get the fuck off my Chair.


In local news, Öüï only hoped to have had a bigger Tati™ bag as opposed to that French Taco to-go order plastic bag, but some how the Staff managed to get a starting line up for our own personal rockola©.

Eye thought that it was a crazy idea to start a rockola® in the middle of situational translation about a place where Évrybody knows your name. Mí believed that crazy would be to pass-up a Root Beer Rag, in all HonEsty, on 52nd Street.

Oh… How sweet is, bottom of the best. At the MorjoSho, Willie GEIST calls Em#… MedioCRACY

… Jump to Claud… never mind, just jump to Mañana. Gremlins have intercepted our Class SIX, and if you know what that is code for, then you know that we hate the Dry Spell, despite the beautiful sunset 🍻 »


I am SHOCKED!!! SHOCKED ⚡ Eye tells, Ewe.

I am SHOCKED!!! SHOCKED ⚡ Eye tells, Ewe.


His Way, above.

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