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The next 265 and then some…

And, Vice-President Harris, please don’t drink the kool-aid™️… not calling the current Mexican administration a political cult, but seriously, don’t drink “el cul eys” de don Andrés…

But seriously, never mind the “Johnny Appleseed” approach to correct for the exodus of minors from the former ‘Chiquita Banana’ planting grounds, an issue of priority is the fact that American shoot first ask questions later killers … wait scratch that, … is the fact that American Law Enforcement Officers are going to tell teach Guatemalan cops how to do their job… send in Colonel Sanders to teach vegetarians how to cook.

https ://www .reuters .com /business /environment /trees-visas-mexico-suggests-us-citizenship-reforestation– 2021-04-22/

WELCOME, to the 2nd ever continuing coverage of Kentucky Rain Keeps Pouring Down edition of “A They at The Races”

And starring as “The Nut Tree de La Chingada”, Charlie Chaplin.

https ://monoaureo .com /2021/04/27 /el-gran-transformador/

Sources close to Willie Geist reveal that a Highly Motivated (17) Known Agenda (1) issued out a warrant for the Hidden Stash (13) of Ukrainian goodies inside the hard drives of the lawyer of “Individual One”, also known as the former president of the United States of America  Don “John” Trump… whatever happens, a Soup and Sandwich (19) is guaranteed for all, and Tonight Henry The Horse, Ladies in Gemini, dances the Waltz.

No Cock* on the panel at the Next democratic debate

For the record, monsieur Yannick le rédacteur, a cock* in this context is a « challenger »…

Monsieur Chef le rédacteur du 11ème bureau

Monsieur Chef le rédacteur du 11(M*) bureau… fip punto fr NEEDS Mí para poner las ALT164 y las ALT165 por encima de las “enes“. -_¡_- (*ème)… en resumen seÑOr Yannick ALLAin, en el 2011, CHANGE . org lanzó una petición para darle NOMBRE al carácter de ~ que se coloca por encima de LA EGNE… en francés; ISSY, ya estamos a finales de la segunda década del primer siglo del Tercer Milenio y el carácter de ~ todavía NO TIENE NOMBRE. Y no  Niño Luc, el carácter de ~ que su monta en la letra ENE no se llama “virgulilla”, ni tampoco es una “tilde”, ni mucho menos, “un palito de la ñ”.

por ejemplo, Raquelito, let U.S. use the four–division middleweight champion of the world, como un molde:

Saúl “cinnamon spice” Álvarez es un buen gallo en su rubro.

Coming up on the Ambassador of Europe Show

Coming up on the Ambassador of Europe Show.:.DE74C035-13CF-419C-A984-5D81A221D632 •|• NATIONALISM is a dirty word, especially them Liberals from the Chicago School in Santiago 1973; just sayin’ Cousin Joe, now sus Mercedes can talk among yourselves.

In this sense, monsieur le rédacteur at the 6th division of La Préfecture de Paris, Mr. Álvarez es un buen gallo mexicano, even if that fag is from Guadalajara.

Mean, while President Trump weeps for losing the commonwealth of Kentucky, Master SERGEant Farell reminds the good people of Ohio, that nationalism is only a good idea[L] for little insecure people like Donald John Trump and his “lamenTABLE” followers.

Must Scroll from here

Must Scroll from here.:.F3056CD5-DE7E-44A5-A8DC-0A9FE414A268 •|• …[T]o Eternity, period _-!-_ Deer Cousin Joe, please BEE advised that les rédacteurs of “the” Dead Sea Scrolls, were all fags; all of M, including superchérie, punto y aparte en Central SIRENE Time

* We [the staff] of this HERE non–CoNaCyT sponsored blog, put a BLEU hasteRisk on that cock, because as Steve Kornaki knows, The Rachel Maddow Show is really the “night version” of Cousin Joe… in this Contex, Heidi Przyvilla, Cousin Joe is; wait for it, Wait… in the Mean Thyme, please relay our CON•Dole•Ezzas to Senator Mitt Romney for the loss of the LeBaron’s.

Viva México.