Reefer Madness with Denisa Kerschovas — Part Tree 🌴


In local news, it’s worst than I could ever have imagined, to call this propaganda, it would send Disquaire They to the 1920s and an Alpes Maritimes Putsch.

Earlier today 🇨🇵 French President, Emmanuel Macron, tried to emulate his Mexican homologue by Walking Aux Champs Elysées and just inconspicuously bumping into Vichy’s Youth in front of la rue Montaigne (where Mika Brzezinski buys her un⁰menºtionable-bles) and those motherfuckers busted a cover of NOFX’s version of 🎶🎶🎶 Aux Champs Elysées 🥁.

Shortly after that spectacle, AMLO (Mexico’s president) contacted Mr. Macron to challenge his punk-ass to pull that stunt, like he did last year during his toy-soldier parade.

She Came on Planet Claire, she dropped from a B-fifty—Tú.

C’est ainsi qu’a été vécue la marche menée par AMLO à Mexico

https ://www.lefigaro .fr /politique /macron-entonne-des-chants-pyreneens-a-paris-peu-apres-son-allocution-20230418

Emmanuel Macron sings a Pyrenean song in Paris, shortly after his speech

By Dinah Cohen and Henri Versluys

https ://www .lemonde .fr /international /article /2023/04/18 /why-do-people-in-the-us-die-at-a-younger-age

For the politically correct at Pen Club France, back in my day at the Mount Baldy scholastic circuit Chuck Berry’s sweet little sixteens were called “disco bunnies”, south of the border, however, they were called “quinceañeras”. So don’t go correlating Playboy™ or The Bill Maher Show with them “wabbit ears” and, the emoji that puts a tridimensional Asterisk on The Soul of America (sin acento) on this Tuesday in Paris.

Las Estúpidas Calaveritas (ahora en Inglés)

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /opinions /2023/04/17 /clarence-thomas-disclosures-harlan-crow-respect/

And, Mara Gay… you, Madam, is adorable, but please relay to Eugene that coloration does not translates to correlation, and in the world of Armando Guadiana en Coahuila del Nazas, all that Juan can do about it is try to keep a straight face and not laugh about Mickey Mouse®.

Here’s the twist, Jeannie Thomas is the “donor’s” hot-wife and JUSTICE THOMAS is the « bull » on youporn.


And, Katty Kay… never mind Jonathan La Mire, but have Eye told Ewe that you look great in green? Any how, M. I. C. KAY you, why? DeSantis is little a fucking mouse.

¡Y ahora tócame la de los aguacates!


Context from the American imaginary nostalgia of French art centers and pretentious vernissages in Montreuil-sous-Bois for the Benefit Of Le Pen Club de France…

What A Wonderful World 🎹

… In Paris, France, Tuesday’s anti-GONE but in Hilo, Hawaii, the Japs just took over Manchuria, and Korea Town at the WB Ranch is fucked, Domo Arigato, Mr. Robot, like a cat from Japan 🗾

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