And starting as Spring’s Eve, la condesa de Gia: Mona Lisa…

I am Sirius:

and you are not.

..And, Andrew R. Sorkin : please relay to Mika Brzezinski that “Big Daddy -See” has rung the bell, now you cocksucker motherfuckes, nevermind, —Rungis, because The Hudson told you about them NANCY’ a looooooong time ago. 


Well, well, well… Ronald Wilson Reagan, we now know, cheated his way to “morning in America” on account of the hostages of the late seventies—early 1980, that his “fixer” arranged for the Ayatollahs in Persia…

So, we know know, Father James, that CENTRAL AMERICA is right next to the River of Babylon.

Oh, the humanity.


Dot, dot, dot.


…  This space for rent!

For the record, Nic Sarkozy is a “French pinto league” manager, and it’s the bottom of who gives a fuck and the Belleville Belles are on the mound, all of Em#!

Muddy WaWa is at the Scene, and Öüï find La KERSCHOVAS in Dublin drinking SAKE, that fucking Tati-bag-tottin Commie! Drink Guinness, you Bavarian leprechaun!

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