Deer, Katie Phangs… Forget Donald Trump

¿Dónde la escondes, Felipe?

Unlike Ewe, Eye wants Évry single U.S. President Arrested and put through a deposition, let The Dominos, fall where they MAY!  And here is why, José* (pronounced Yo Sé), because what GUANTANAMO BAY is to the George W. Bush presidency, so too is NAYIB BUKELE‘s 🇸🇻 “aikido” mega 18th Street Pinto league prison. And here is why, Osler Perucho, but first let Mí ask you (cocksuckers) how is that French Vacation in 🇵🇪 El Cusco 🇵🇪, fucker?

*~. Jose is a fellow from the most exclusively open club in Paris, France, and he requested from me a few weeks ago to address the Mara Salvatrucha’s new housing facilities in That part of the 🌎 that FATHER JAMES argues that it is in [SouthCentral América.

Just the facts, fire for adjust, 3 clicks SouthEast, direction Corona/Riverside.

Meanwhile at the OCDE in BOULOGNE 75000 CEDEX, it’s viva la revolución institucionalizada en FRANCIA.

Todo En Todos Lados

https ://www .swissinfo .ch /spa /ocde-francia_L’OCDE-demande-à-la-France-de-relever l’âge-de-la-retraite-au-delà-de-62-ans /47121660

Come to “El Niño”

🇵🇪 Mientras tanto en los márgenes de El Perú… Allá en Botzaris, Osler Amaro se encuentra en el ojo de don Ciclón, mientras INTI se va derechito a LA VERGA. Pero no sé lo vayas a decir a Equador 🇪🇨

… however, Eye would be satisfied with this here .45 put through the melting process.

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