The 1/5 (fifth 🥃) They of Ex-Más is no Hyperbola…

📍1972 -2022 50 Years de CLOWNERIES 📍
Page 72, Actualité

Lorem Ipsum de Lorean.

Indeed, if there is a moral to The Louvre in the “DUBBING BROTHERS” VF, is that France should not rent out Le Arc de Triomphe, to Jeff Bezos, or that other asshole, Elon Musk, and here is “Y” (GüAy).

Page 62, Actualité

~. Mad Movies, #366
Décembre 2022

The Best of 2022
page 33 of the June edition of dBD³ dedicated to the SHOAH
… “Nazism is a fascist racist project that comes from the worst of l’humanité.”


³~. Indeed, Representative-elect George Santos, from Hell’s Kitchen, the magazine dedicated to the CURRENT AFFAIRS in comic books is correct, The Shoah is not a “résume bullet” for your success, people should not forget that, and in local NEWS, on the Fifth They of Christmas, a NEW GOVERNMENT is SWORN IN in ISRAEL, and it resembles a lot the GOVERNMENT in POLAND or HUNGARY, so it must be “A Sign of The Times”. 

He’s a pussy.

³~. https ://www .rfi .fr /fr /moyen-orient /20221229 –israël-les-objectifs-du-nouveau-gouvernement-de-benyamin-netanyahu-avant-de prêter-serment

This Occupation 🇮🇱 Has Knot 🇵🇸 🪢 Yet Been Rated…

But FO’ist!, Öüï Ketches-up with Kerschovas, who just-so-happen to have found a Franche-Culture carte blanche, issued to her by the Franche 1/5 🥃 République when she first obtained her Franche-Culture Allegretto, which Denis Soula, that motherfucker, took from Kerschovas.


After being evacuated from l’Oratorio de Louvre, The Jardin de TuÎleRies, the F.I.A. Motel à La Place de La Concorde, and just last night, from The Crazy Horse 🐎, Kerschovas went to visit the Architect’s Manuscript Repository at de Bnf.

Now, pedestrian minds Évry where might ask why Kerschovas would traverse La Seine from Paris CENTRE (1,2,3,FO’!) to the Masséna sector of the Ivry bums, but that’s because pedestrian minds would not begin to grasp that Kerschovas would KNOT, Eye repeats, would KNOT 🪢 get caught with her Tati™ Bags at the BPI, or at any of Madame Hidalgo’s bibliothèques along the River Seine, no Güey, José.

Getting back to that Franche-Culture carte blanche, the date on that CERFA government document remains valid, and Denis Soula, (that Coq 🐓  Sucker!) did not think to confiscate, IT!,  before that Sumbitch evicted Kerschovas to the relatively warm streets of Ravioli.

🎺 Rug 📎 Time 🎶


At Hell’s Kitchen… It’s Ewe’ish Sandwiches and other assorted Catchers in The Rye… PASTRAMI IS NOT AN OPTION for Santos, or La Tetona Mendoza en un cuadrilátero de CATCH en La Maub, however, Rocky Mountain Oysters 🐂 are à volonté, provided FO’ist, that the Catch’ers in the Rye grab ‘Lucky Luke‘ from the tetramorph, by the horns 🤘🏼 😈 🤘🏼 first.

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