Death of an Astro en el COSMOS de Nueva York

Pan-STARRS telescope on the peak of the Haleakalā volcano on Maui, Dec. 29, 2022 (CE).

⚽  🇧🇷  🌌 Edson Arantes do Nascimento, from Santos FC (1956) to (2022) NYC Cosmos in a FLASH. (R.I.P.).

El Nascimento of this Astro was spotted in the Quadrant of 🇧🇷 Três Corações, 🇧🇷 Brasil 🇧🇷,  and TROU-to-FORM, the Supernova forever etched–in the FIRMAmento the title of  “O Rei », in the galaxy of Albert Einstein 🇮🇱 Israelite Hospital, in São Paulo, Paulo, Brazil.

Ironically, the former Astro became a Super Giant with The Santos FC, but it has no relation to the fake Santos in the 3rd Congressional District of the Queen’s Northeastern Long Island Iced Tea.

Sources close to la so-called “radio del pueblo” in the Nebulous Quasar of Botzaris, Franch, relayed perplexed re-runs of of “programmation d’EnFADO” for the early-clusters of political pillars in the formation of Pelé (10).

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