And now, our feature presentation… Smoke’Em# if you CoqSuckers got’Em#


Em# Eli Munera… please relay to Lisa CREEPY, and Rudolph’s Brown Wawa that no Monas, No Lisas, and DeFINiteLYS ⚜️ no “Arches de Trompos” were harmed in the making of this Sombrero de charro.

In a Galaxy, far-far a güey…

For the record, Eye saw this fire started, “a long-long time ago », on my Ω watch, ask YoYo Man 🎻 @AuCourDELAorchestra.

(Sombrero Galaxy goes here)


Sammy Hagar, Ewe’ish peoples from Los Santos del Congreso should “drive 55”, period! Exotic cars are works of art and Ewes wouldn’t want to combust a piece of Art like DAMIEN BOISSEAU (Miles Bron del Norte) did, now would’Ya?

They leave West Side Story Behind.

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