In Local News… The Spaniards and their conspiration ‘tories

Previously on, “The Paris Chamber Of Tourists”…


Esas no son gárgolas, “¡qué esas son químeras!”, joder.

Stradivarius and Avocado HAASS walk into a bar … Hilarity ensues when the Poles start to talk in Brussels.


Ahora sí, Juanito Guanavacoa, the following PHraSE is taken VERBATIM, y en su propio contexto:

But FO’ist!
Please relay to SoFy VelasCoarán that,
yo, Armando Segovia, yo no masco,
—el Español, yo hablo Castellano…

Pero, aquí entre nos, SoFy Velasco, my chosen language is English, because that is the only way to sing The Blues, and really-really,
PLAY rock and roll.

I want it in Tagalog!

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