Previously on, “Listen, Denisa Kerschova…

Eye got da’Goods… Legend has it that Évry time a Metro ticket is laid on Simone de Buenver tomb, she looses the🪢in her virginity, again. Issy, this is where Madonna got her cherry popped for inspiration in 1983.

Do you want to know a secret? Shhhhh… I’m Sirius, Denisa, don’t go gushing all over the airwaves least Ewe wants Nathalie Piolé to come along. I mean Eye gots enough tickets to ride you till the cows come home, but then what about Susana Pubeda, Öüï can’t leave’er out just because she’s a dirty Spaniard, now Khan, we?

Hey, Denisa … please relay to the Montparnasse Mafia that Eye gots tickets for de Beauvoir’s grave…


Here’s a gift.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /allegretto /allegretto-d-automne-1065916

I mean just look at them dentils, As gray as an away uniform. It’s all in the angle that the light comes in, under normal conditions them chompers are as bright as a Home uniform. As a matter of fact the entire joint got the cleaning special, why just look at them bitches there, all nice and tan.

… You tell Mí.

— Denisa responds with the precursor to Golden Slumbers, , .

You love Mí, Ewe really-really love Mí 🐰

…and, Katty Kay, of course you know that this has been an intermission.

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