Mean while at The Western Front — It Had To Be Ève ⚽

A long time coming.

But FO’ist!!! It’s What In The WO’id Is Happening on The Eastern Front?

The Dutch fell and it remains to be seen if the lady Frogs will roll past their herrin counter-Krauts this coming Wednesday at Milton Keynes.

{if and only if}

France wins it will be either England or IKEA on July 31st…

{if not}

It will probably be Schnitzelgruben for the next four years.

https ://www .20minutes .fr /sport /3329451-20220724 –euro-feminin-bleues-folles-joie-qualification-demi-finale-etape

God gave you mother’s milk, why desecrate that little temple of God with Science in a can? If God wanted your baby to have baby formula, She would have included a box with every contraction.


For one, over at The Katie Thang Show it’s “China Poblana Week”, and if you know what el color Rosa Mexicano is, then you know that both Mexicans and Koreans love perros with our tacos.

https ://www .paredro .com /por-que-se-llama-rosa-mexicano-3-datos-curiosos/

Olympic Boulevard, U.S.A. via Highway LoCo★ Catalogue, ese.

★~. Library of Congress online, ✊🏼
MargoLies, John, in “John Margolies Roadside America“.
https ://www /rr /print/res /723_marg .html

Monkeypox follows… knot to be outdone by the  Katie Thang pantone pair of pantalones, Sam Stein stars as el color rosa mexicano, on The Avi Velshi Show and, it’s worth noting that even after an Earl Scheib’s triple coat of #f42072 Sam Stein remains a most ugly, motherfucker.

This is not my nostalgia… but Eye reckons that the first step 🪜 in that thing called “spirituality” is a dance called Memoria.

Any how, Gear Gwar is what happens to you while you’re busy waiting for a commercial flight 🛫 to take off.

Or… while Ewe is watching the Wheels go Round and Round.

https ://www .businessinsider .com /hungary-viktor-orban-mixing-non-europeans-hungarians-mixed-race– 2022-7

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