Previously on, “La Cágaste Burt Lancaster”

True-to-Form, Susana Poveda fell asleep at the Wheel, Maaaan!

It’s National Corrida in Acapulco SIESTA THEY

SQ. Danzig with La Güera.
Mother. Tell your children not to grow up to be (Leningrad) Cowboys.

Le ministère de la Défense a rejeté la demande américaine d’envoyer des troupes espagnoles en Roumanie

So, to misquote the very real, “Soup Nazi”, No ~ ” for you, for the remainder of National SIESTA THEY, Spain es pana, nada de “Lois”, o como dicen los productos “Made in Spain”:

[A]n icon of the golden days of VAQUEROS made in Spain.

Lástima, Malagena… I guess that it is TROU what La Chica de Ville says:

[L]a “margherita” n’est pas qu’une pizza, y’know, Mr. Know(les), part of the Four Seasons.

https ://www .elmundo .es /espana /2022/02/25 /6218aa22fdddff9f128b45ae .html

In traditional Air–Land Battle Rhules Football {☢️}, the number 6 is always the Chief Commander’s High Mobility Multi-purpose Volks Wagen.

This is Knot Your Grampa’s Jeep-er_creepers; this is called Mouvement in Black-out light, LUZ is for Harley-Davidson riders.

Fahrvergnügen, biches, enjoy the ride.

GO’ill de Niza…
How should, i put, IT! ?

Can you do the Time Warp? Se lo ruego, güera.

Only if it’s Thee Last Dance.
Eye will be Petty, and Ewe be Victoria, Vale?

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