And Cousin Joe… do They know that it is All Saints They?

And Lindsey Reiser, did you know that DIAZ is short for PIMA County? Ask any Yaqui in Sonora, back in the THEYS of the Civil War. Now fast-forward to 2021 and ask AMLO what a fuck is going on with the WaWa for “indians” in them SANDS.

Ah, yes… el hombre perfecto. I am KNOT making this up, check the lore.

Over on the FIP section of the Jazz it’s: DOÑA CLITORIS, and per last night’s instructions CharLotte will Arrive! OH SHE’S AH-COMING ALRIGHT.

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip /club-jazzafip-du-dimanche-31-octobre-2021

Tonight however, Öüï is bound by LAW to relay to EWE’all, that the SIREN over at fip dot fr has a Hair up hertailAsk Shirley, Chuck… Eye is a vegetarian, not a Superman.

Eye tell {s} Ewe what³… here’s the formula:

ISSY, don Porfi invented the TRAINS in México way back when, and in the Right Here Now AMLO wants the TRAINS for himselfand the Energy Sector, and The Education Front, and of course THE MONOPOLY of the NATIONAL GUARD. LEviaTHAN or whatever HOBBS named it, was a FAG (punto y coma) Sin Celery. CALVIN.

  1. It took a Tall One to See, IT!
  2. Two 2 Bee live, IT!
  3. Tree³ to… anyone?

And Lindsey Rieser… don’t belive anything that Peter Alexander says, he goes to Scotland and starts a revolution for a parking violation and a dent on his Car. And if you are wondering what this is all about, then you need to go to our Twitter Crutch to KETCH UP with 2013 and how AMLO became CHàVez… without wearing a uniform or paying attention at LA U.N.A.M. (14 years, AMLO… 14 YEARS!!!).

Meanwhile at La Division 4 of Section 1 of el cementerio de Montparnasse —a un lado de Jacques Chirac final resting place— ni una flor para EL Embajador, and that’s why I got you a pot from the TRASH next door.

#YoSoy132-Académicos Francia (punto y coma) fair Use of media | image | photo. For educational purposes.
Una cortesía del ‘Proceso’ de investigación, —if you will. —_-_— For the record this is a FiFo from the archives just to show WHERE THEY AT?

³./ … Three to Just Get In The Güey, silly… {D}illy.

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