Well Eye bee darn… Cousin Joe actually wears pants under the desk

Madison!!!, Madison was too busy at Martha’s Vineyard to figure any thing {out} you ment to say (coma) Hancock! Ask, Palmieri, she was there, she’s that old, Jennifer is one of them Anne Rice Vampewtants.

But FO’ist: The Changeup {Χ}… DEM Blues got killed by $150 worth of SLUSH of Facebook ® from NEW JERSEYthis Monkee’s gone to the Sopranos near the bricks {@Newark} and Google, if you are monitoring, it’s Pixes, not Pixels you son’s of bitches.

Las CAPAs de BOB


Mexico recovers three ancient artifacts from Italy
Published 30th October 2021 by CNN STYLE, o como dicen los Muy franceses~esos: Le Stylo?Voila! 51.3K € signe ISSY-S.V.P..

Peril after The Industrial Military Complex and the Marshall Plan, narrated by Bob Would WAR the 3rd.

https ://www .wpr .org /vice-president-mike-pence-visits-wisconsin-tout-covid- 19-response

In local news:

Malgré les protestations du gouvernement mexicain, des objets préhispaniques seront vendus aux enchères en LA France.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/11/03 /cultura /pese-a-protestas-del-gobierno-de-mexico-subastan-en-francia-piezas-prehispanicas/

In Music News, THE EAGLES OF DEATH METAL return to FRANCE to pickup where THEY left-off, HOPEFULLY this time around the SINGER will go down with the CLUB instead of running off the stage in a hurry and then, AND THEN, RACHEL MADDOW!!! Run to MADISON AVENUE to record a SOUNDBYTE for the now defunct NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION².

².~Look, IT! UP, @thereidout, i am too tired to keep regressing to 2015 o como dicen los PI-PO-PEs: El Año de México en Francia.

Pi Po Pe = Pinche Poblano Pendejo (not affraid to Latin ex-it.)

Over at the Teatro de Los DOS PUEBLOS, Covid lost the war against the parisian pallet-fronts, narrated by Adrianna LaRod, (Add + Rhianna Elrod), and outside the radius of La Île-de-Valérie Pécresse the mask mandate is a thing of the past, and in théâtres, CLINT EASTWOOD crys cries in front of a stool {sample} (period)

“That’s when the Diamond ballad reached a chorus in which he sings, “And no one heard at all / Not even the chair³.”

Hamburgers in Paradise, Rachel Maddow… Hamburgers in Paradise and your Chicks for Free: La Vache, Rachel Maddow.

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /news /morning-mix³ /wp /2016/08/04 /clint-eastwood-explains-and-regrets-his-speech-to-an-empty-chair/

Over in San Antonio, Fort Bliss almost went the way of Magic Mountain and one of the Castro’s is reviewing CAPA in Color³.

From having simple boundaries and a rectangular shape, the district now has jagged edges and a curved, oblong shape{ 🍆 } ».

https ://eu .elpasotimes .com /story /news /2021/10/20 /fort-bliss-split-between-veronica-escobar-tony-gonzales-new-texas-redistricting-map /8522388002/

³.~ Full disclosure, The Mexican Suitcase remains the same, Kodachrome be damned said the morena-puebla front {BOOM}

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