31 de octubre, 2021 — Año de Hidalgo

Ladies in Gemini Öüï begins this transmission with a digression to our twitter crutch @segoviaspixes @segoarma on account that the * on “El Canal 26 de LCI” de Etcheverry (formerly of BFM’er infamy) should Knot be confused with « El Canal 26 de Aguascalientes TV ».


Random photo of Venezuela (F Station) in Paris follows. The year is of course 2013 and President Hugo Chávez had been recently euthanized in Cuba. SEAN PENN recommended the operation, but that is besides the point, and in 2013 that big Ol’SNCF warehouse space served as the memorial hall to say farewell to “El Comandante”, if my memory serves me well, five people showed up, the rest were part of the Cult, so they don’t count. Professor, Víctor Quintana Silveyra was in town for a 6-month stint at the Latinamerican community college at Saint-Germain-des-Lefts, he offered “extra-credit” to the students who assisted the memorial. One showed up.

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