C’mon, MAN!!! Now JFK’s nephews want to get on the Sherrod Brown bandwagon

And in VIRGINIA… it’s Monica Alba, finally!

Full Solo and Milk Boy presents: “Los Betos” del WaPo’s-ese

WHEN IN ROME… fly to DALLAS and blame it on CASTRO

Famous Monster {s} Jobs like you’ve never seen them before, I’m Sirius… and Cousin Joe is not.

https ://news .jobsvacancy .in /latest-news /an-outrage-against-democracy-jfks-nephews-urge-biden-to-reveal-assassination-records-politico/

And, Cousin Joe, how is that Alebrije {aleˈβɾixes} behaving but most importantly, how is Chronos taking the sit-in at 30 ROCK…

{🚪} knock-knock 🚪🚪🚪
— Who’s there?
… Ale.
— Ale, who?
Ale needs just a PINT a THEY!!! 

Deer, BOB WouldWard… that Coka Kola fire Engine Truck {to the right³ of BOB Kosta} is just FAKE ADVERTISEMENT at ITS WO’ist, @ITs WO’ist!!!

³.(… And, Stephanie Ruhle, that right is of course, Deepthroat Bob’s left.


Alebrijes en Nueva York – #NYC #artesaniasmexicanas

I’m telling you, Cousin Joe, you let those fucking squattors from Oaxaca take the PLAZA and sooner than Eugene Daniels can throw his underwear on the desk that imaginary creature is going to be at Mika’s penthouse. Ewe been warned.

… [A]nd, Chris Hayes, i hope that it’s not too soon, but Eye was wondering if Bob Costa knows what happens when you let an Mexican Alebrije “out in the cold”?


That’s right, Cousin Joe, “Los Amigos de México en Nueva York” put a HEX{à}GONE in New Mexico… vía 30 ROCK.

La Santa Fe y El Santo Plomo, starring Penelope Cruz as New Jersey’s Own, Stephanie Ruhle, period… No insistas Jennifer López, the theme is about Las Cruces del Día de Finados (R.I.P.).

… this segment is sponsored by, Tom CRUZ, an actor who knows how to shoot 🔫 a film.

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