21 de mayo, 1871… page 3: Deer, Nicole Wallace

ISSY, Ewe don’t have to die and go to heaven, or hang around to be born A Gain… Eddie Gloude Junior. And that’s all that i am going to say for the moment, On Deadline… you fuckers don’t know the half of it and the other [half] is fucking deaf (punto y coma) probably from using Gwyneth Paltrow’s product… On Deadline

I am Groot!

Breaking the Hue’s… Heidi Pryzbyla has been evicted from her Nana’s house. It’s another Sign of The Times, grannies need more breathing space. For 365 days, freeloading reporters moved in to their grannies basements where said correspondents hoarded and squatted the extremely ornate living-rooms of their nana’s to do their “reporting”. Sources close to Heidi’s granny relay that Heidi just wanted hot chocolate on a regular basis without the latte-liberals in the same coffee shop.

Any hoot, Heidi, no pressure… but speaking of abuelitX (see how stupid nana looks in LatinX mode) meet Mí on the other side of Whit Sunday and Eye will tell you about the year 2003 when abuelitas and abuelitos in France went on a permanent vacation to celebrate Solidarity They.

Trou Story, swear to Gad, Emaleh.

En està rumba, Heidi… Vale Todo!!! El pedo es un Son montuno,

ISSY, Nicole… you’ve lived a lie. A Republican lie.

By British standards, you’re a dumb Cunt!

And by South Korean standards it’s To The Moon, Pundit! To the Moon!!!

But Eye’s love you. Eye really Does, and never mind Charlie Sykes, that fucker is French.

It’s the top of the first with Two outs and re-broadcast of The 1st 150th Anniversary of La Commune à Vincennes is being hi-jacked by Major League Baseball… those motherfuckers. Here’s an Hartist representation of Hidalgo’s hit to Colbert to the face, that sucker had enough spin to put a smile on Méliès face for all of the cheats in life, in this frame, Thomas Alva Edison gets his MAN ON THE MOON moment courtesy of N° 71… the most philosophical of all of the Numbers… do the math, says The Count: 7 + 1 is Eight, or as They say in the 11th Hour: Eternity, baby, y-ter-ni-Tee.

… [E]ye wants the best of both worlds. And for those just tuning in from The Reconstruction of the Dixon/Mason Line pay no attention to The Golan Heights, it’s as they say in Denial¹: just, “an Eminence Front”, it’s Netanyahu’s put on.

https ://worldhappiness .report /ed /2021/

Just the facts, ma’am.

Any how, 150 Years ago today, all of the French, not only the previously mentioned “very French”, but also the unDeNileably French, mais aussi the unquestionable Frogs would lay the foundations of The Morrison Hôtel à Père Lachaise where don Napo’s vision for eternity became a little green space next to the most heavily guarded tomb at that Pantheon. Eye would show you an aerial view of that area but GoogleMaps (those motherfuckers) blurred the coordinates to protect the 3rd Republic and The XX Arrondissement.

In Local News, Joy Anne Reid’s dress is a trippy one, it is Knot funny, it is trippy. I’ll tell you what’s funny, —the way that weed is demonized (punto y coma) yes, Negrita, De•mon•ized here in France, which as a political topic it is just like Dick Cheney’s daughter in WaWa Land. And yes, öüï know that Representative Cheney is not the devil, her dad is.

LSD really does open your mind: Psychedelic drugs ‘rewind’ brain functions making it easier to ‘unlearn normal perception’, new study finds

https ://www .france24 .com /fr /france /20210420 –cannabis-récréatif-emmanuel-macron-enterre-tout-projet-de-légalisation


¹.) And isn’t IT, ironic, that the U.$./¥sraeli Weapons Defense System is cooled down by the Rafales de la bendita Marseillese?… only if you live by the Banks of The Nile in Geneva.

Any how French Loterie, à Hilo, Hawaii it is still hour Birthday, so there is only one thing left for Mí to Do:


The Japanese hold all of the right to the traditional birthday Anniversaire song, but you get the idea: 🐸 Time is in CET currenc¥.

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