9 Nasty WO’ids N°2: Negro… PSA for the “Big” apple

Seriously, ¡no manches!, just look at the events that unfolded —precisaPUTAenMente— en Manchester after Edinson Cavani used the term “negrito” en “Elunited.

Previously on, FUCK YOU, Tim Apple… and your Lightning Cable aussi. And here is why… YOUR PIECE OF THE π on them peep’s there is all out of ‘tolerance’ and thus, bore-sighting procedures must be re-calibrated and/or un-fucked before Öüï even thinks of ordering new reticles; in other words, “[S]erá melón o será sandía… será La Vieja del otro Día”… —_•!•_— For the record i did not even want to arrive here, Sin Embargo now that Öüï is here let u.s. bring that watermelon out of the elephant room. BUT FO’ist!!! Joe Biden is shrinking ex-presidents— RUN DONALD!!! Run Motherfucker, run, period


After the break, Tuesday’s Gone sings Simple Man… in the voice of Michael Steele on the Kasie nooner show.

BUT FO’ist!!!

“That Latino temperament is sending Di María… yada yada yada…”
35th minute, second half… pass the beans


Note to CBS Sports: dear sir or madam… Eye expected that sort of language from the European mic’s on the streams, but to hear it from the Colbert Report channel just makes me want to puke.

Meanwhile at ESPN2… the sportscaster there just turned Guardiola into a PMCS* guru and noted that in order to get the mechanical (Orange???) style of Pep’s Lads lies not in money but in the Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services that turns a team into a performance machine.

PARIS Saint-Germaine was missing the ghetto En La Cancha tonight.

Final Score :

Over at the G7, it’s the Fed’s wife*, all They** and of course, All of the Knight.

Stone Roses 4 – Indochine 1


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