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I hope that it is not too soon, but did anybody catch Lindsey Reiser’s “Morning Onion” show? Kendis Gibson, apparently an F1 fan, was tripping out on last week’s FREJACK teleportation, of course, Bailey Gismert of “Weekend Update” fame said it best, when she complained about having to watch them “old flicks” such as Forrest Gump, or Universal Van Dam Them Chinese SOldiers during the lockdown, by saying that, “you can’t do that anymore,” and she is right.

https ://www .vulture .com /article /snl-season-46-episode-7-saturday-night-live-jason-bateman-hosts.html

It’s too bad that today’s viewers are not KNOTTING fiction with truth, but the pilot escaping that incredible fireball in Bahrain is not, i repeat, IT IS NOT Romain Grosjean. Bailey knows that the pilot in this interview is really non other than Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

Written media, Mr. Barreto‽ WRITTEN MEDIA? You don’t mean those fuckers from the press, do you, Mr. Barreto?
Perhaps you meant to say that Dr. Hannibal Lecter spoke to reporters… written media, now that! Mr. Barreto, really-really grinds my HALO, bato.

https ://www .formula1 .com /en /latest /article .grosjean-speaks-on-how-he-escaped-fiery-crash-his-secret-injury-whether-hell.7bW43BaDcEuV1NOhS0BnvZ.html


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