Intro to teleportation in a Type One Civilization quadrant

Happening now on the other side of The Atlantic:

El Año de Hidalgo on Deadline at La Casa Blanca.

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Musical Guest: Las Amazonas de Nantes
Teloneros: Los Franchutes de La Sierra

CNES Paris

Full-disclosure, Humanity (lower-case “hache”) has yet to reach Type 1 status in the Galaxy… and Zeppelin, goes here… “oh, the Humanity”.

Les Halles (4)

Point A 🖖🏼 .:. 916A9FDE-297D-4E86-A2AD-1FF9A331FB1C 🎯 In this section The User will identify the coordinates and the Elements of this story in Steps 1 and 3 in the Assembly Sequence [from] Below.


The first thing that users of this technology needs to realize is that ‘teleportation’ in a Type zero civilization would be like picturing a hypercube in this dimension, however, there is always modeling and dry-runs, por ejemplo, in the 1990’s during the Clinton Administration, the U.S. Military went through some lean-times, after the Reagan/Bush and Bush/Quayle $900 toilette seat spending spree, William Jefferson was left with Zilch for Ammo, and so during training we actually simulated the “booms” of the main-gun on account of a shortage of rounds, this was called dry-training, hence each qualifying run during training was called a dry-run and we were modeling war.

Now, during training you can’t possibly imagine the actual trauma that follows an actual live fire engagement because of the nature of that thing that President Eisenhower warned Chuck Todd’s parents nation in the late 50’s, but the medics on that same training exercise scenario can sure as fuck picture the after-shock.


Assembly sequence:

New users should review our rendition of ‘una comedia de enredos’ and ‘a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum’ to Ketch-Up with today’s projection, specifically the part about the “TIME” Magazine honored tradition of Mexican presidential transitions.

Once that requirement is accounted for then the user may proceed with the operation and With that in Mind the user proceeds to identify the connecting Elements within a 5-minute stoner-stroll radius. In this particular transfer of matter (in a Type Zero Civilization) the elements and the physical space involved in this Tesseract are laid in the following ORDER:


— A French-owned supermarket incident in Paris, France

Common denominator is the ol’common “Vulgar Display of power” within a « news cycle » or a “New York Minute” with Fareed Zak[a]ira on TRMS*.

— A French-owned supermarket incident in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

🏎 https ://www .bangkokpost .com /business /2024555 /carrefour-shares-plunge-in-brazil-after-killing


— A red button issue on the political spectrum.

The fear factor here involves, and/or traces back to police training and its first-cousin « police brutality ». In this plane of existencial real estate (of this particular transfer of matter between two points) the Venn Diagram will check for either “escalating” strategies or, “de-escalating” techniques and corral the plots accordingly.

— An incident that triggers the red button.


— Account for rhyme, Synchronicity, Serendipity, Coincidence, Proximity and, in this particular transfer of information (since this is the 3rd Dimension, and the transfer of matter is shackled in the theoretical) a launch-pad… enter MY Current Location which happens to be across the cobble-stone covered street on rue Berger and the passage des Lingeres.

Montgallet (8)

Point B ✍🏼

— “’Estoy harto de tocar la batería‘ dijo Bonham a Plant antes de la muerte de Led Zeppelin”:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020 /12/02 /espectaculos /a09n1esp

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