And starring as “El Puma”, Brian Williams

Live from the beautiful Costco Islands at the luxurious PavoReal Room it’s Citizen Dating, and still to come, the Pilot Episode of the next rollercoaster thriller-drama:


Öüï begins today transmission by playing catch up, with Ari Melber because that is his Beat, Ari is always playing Ketchup .:. 92056071-A4E5-4B51-A7DB-0BBBD3770F08 🍅 … [B]ecause as Ali Vittali knows once you go Hunt’s the Kraft sale sobrando. To play CATCH UP 101, the student must show understanding of how Venn diagrams work in this dimension… No Se Vaya _ deteniendo.

and yes Ms. Equilbey… öüï is here.

And there is really no point in looking back, but if Mitch McConnell is going to be sending people WHO want to get smarter to his twiiter account, Öüï is going to fLiP the pages of Le Monde and try to make an arrangement for the Senate majority leader.

Digresión en Contexto:

Now that it is looking more and more like Le Parisien will be following, one Front page at a time, the arrival of Candidate Biden and Senator Harris to the White House, Senate Majority Leader, Moscow Mitch, is saving face when it comes time to answer for the current president’s behavior which announces the Second Act of Donald Trump’s dance with The American Experiment, by hunkering his comments deep in the Trenches of a Race War… started off–course, by the racist wing of the GOP.

So, witt D.A.T. in mind our picture sorting monkees will bring you Last week today, with Richard Lui making a move on Steve’s big Screen… this can only mean one thing: We Got u.s. another doppelgänger INSIDE, this is going to be one « big mastodonte » to orchestrate, but if Hamilton could do it with an “are” impediment when rolling with the “erres”, Eye trusts that Öüï will get to the bottom this “chef-d’œuvre¹ »… in KNOW Time.

Well… Eye did warn y’all about d.a.t. mastoDonte on Morning Joe… Dear Lorde, does Cousin Joe have something against Stephanie Rhule or is he just covering for Avi Velshi?

Doppelgänger Rhules

Meanwhile at FOX News, ancient mummy and former MSNBC collaborator, Dr. Laura Ingram, appears to have taken a cold shower and EYE did not know that Dr. Ingram was a practicing catholic, judging by the Cold Gin that she is drinking right now.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham advises Trump to accept defeat with ‘grace and composure’ in unusual messaging shift

https ://www .businessinsider .com /fox-news-laura-ingraham-advises-president-trump-to-accept-defeat -2020-11?r=US&IR=T&utm_source=reddit .com


Habemus POTUS


Indeed… Habemus POTUS

Pitch perfect

Pitch perfect entry…

1. Laurence Equilbey, ENTREtien[e]. Le Monde n° 23511; 27/28 Sept., 2020

Ladies in Gemini, the following is a Public Service Announcement from the Brown Cloakies (a.k.a. “la banda de los panchitos”) at The Soup Kitchens near The Vatican.

My fellow Americans, don’t be fooled, bamboozled or otherwise, TAKEN… by the fake “Catholics for Trump” signs, because these “catequistas” are as authentic as the “Gypsies for Hitler” and the more than 6 million Jews that WHO Voted for the Third Reich
and here is WHY,
Mr. Mattlock!

Real catholics are alcoholics

Hear Mí Out, Franck!!! 📣 C2505A25-5988-4232-A820-779E48C100E0 🔊 Real catholics are alcoholics… real catholics SPIKE their Water and wear facemasks… yeah, Buddy, that’s coming straight from the SOURCE at Eugene’s Joint on la rue Palatine.


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