In God, Öüï trusts — Yeah, fuck it*

Now playing, at the American Baseball Championship, on planet Earth:

Verde aguacate

Verde aguacate .:. F7985F53-80F0-45AF-A005-4310C0D74ED0

Goooooo, Farmer John!

Meanwhile at the French Open, Bradley Cooper is on the loose, —d.A.t. motherfucker!!!

So, Mr. Bradley, hanging around with little “flics” at the Place Goldoni right next to the DEER PASSAGE, eh‽ Eye could see d.a.t. allegiance forge before you left les Champs-Élysées… 🎶 What now, what’s next, where to? », c’mon Mr. Bradley, if that is your real name, —ketch-up!

… must show WO’ik:

https ://asegovia3 .com /2020/04/07 /peut-etre-nest-quun-simple-hasard-its-the-11th-hour

In La France, no farce intended

In La France, no farce intended… the police syndicate controls the narrative, but then again, Bradley Cooper, Öüï has seen d.a.t. movie too.


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