Chapeau… Deer, Chuck Rocha (hijo de tu chingado Sam Houston)

Meat, Avi Velshi, a transnational from The Canadian All•Jazz•Era Broadcasting Company.

Zonas Áridas
La Zona desértica del Silencio

Breaking Kate

“Así si la riego o no, no me preocupo… » 🗣 0DCF75EA-67A2-46E7-8170-6BEB8E0492AF

… [P]ero que sea desértica, —Dessert tica*”.


Still to come on the BBC, Kyle Mooney takes on the role of Jackob Sobberoff en Palomas, Chihuahua. But FO’ist, our Hero Avi Veshi goes undercover as the Presidente Municipal de Samalayuca and joins Mayor Regina Romero in Pima County for a summit to vote Trump out of el Yermo que ha sido Washington [in the last 3 years, Mr. Rocha… hijo de tu chingado Davy Crockett).


We now return to Chapeau, Chuck Rocha (hijo de tu chingado Jim Bowie knife) with your host, Avi Velshi starring as Rocky “sand dune” Zaragosa Fuentes de Terrazas, the Presidente Municipal de Samalayuca, Chihuahua.

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