Bee Veöüí Vewi Quiet… Philippe Labró is napping for tonight’s debate


Naiden lo niega

“Naiden” lo niega .:. 0E72AE47-D2DA-4299-B3EB-E0601F93B3B0 .:. En contexto, la última vez que la Santa Inquisición se disculpó ante las cámaras de gas fue cuando los muy Católicos acusaron a los judíos of nailing Chuy to the Cross… y en México, su Santidad, naiden (that means nobody in Michoacán) negates that the public trusts/grants for a plethora of intangible goods and services in Mexico were rotten to the core, NOT FOR NOTHING, professor John Mill Ackerman, we have an entire chapter on a thing called PROMEXICO, you might have heard of them, these lovely group of technocrats financed the Events of Enrique Peña Nieto in Paris while you where secluded in a little movie theater that like PROMEXICO ceased to exist… RUMOR HAS IT, that a young Víctor Manuel Quintana Silveyra, [now an Emeritus Professor at a university in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua] lost his virginity there. The place was called Cinéma Clef, or some keyword like D.A.T…. aunque asté, su Santida’—no lo crea.

Ahora regresamos con Paola Ramos en Latino USA*

de los amigos de México
en Francia]

Now, Purple Pundit, YOU, —of all inquisitors— KNOW that ONE must show his/her WO’ik for full-credit and, YOU, —of all Scarlet Letter Republicans^— also KNOW D.A.T. extra credit is awarded if the student refrains from selecting the SCREENGRABS and just goes WITT the flow… or as many-many WHO were burned at The Stake: just go WITT the INERTIA.

COIN•sí•dence... you betcha!

COIN•sí•dence… you betcha! .:. F4BF20F2-46B5-4064-A6E0-16E318CB77B7 .:. Get in LINE, AMLO! Don Pancho just blessed Gay unions; “and you know you should be glad”.

Shhhh… Silenzio!!! Mr. Labró is in the middle of “El Quinto Sueño”.

Still to come, “Las Tres Muertes de Marisela Escobedo”, narrated by professor Emeritus Víctor Quintana Silveyra:
https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/10/22 /opinion /032a1soc

D.A.R.E. are two things missing in this frame

D.A.R.E. are two things missing in this frame .:. 367588E3-7E4C-4699-8FDB-B86CC7CECF3B ⚰️ The first ONE is God, because as Evrybody knows, “There’s no God in Mexico”; and off-course, Tommy Lee Jones, because he prefers the Pampa than from La Pradera.

And in Washington, in Washington you can be as loud as you Wanna Bee, but don’t you, step on Nicolle’s blue suede shoes.


* With all due respect, to Mª Hinojosa on the National Public Radios.

Dear, Matt Bradley
Fast-forwarding D.A.T. clock on the wall is no way to go through life on the XVéme.

That clock is wrong

D.A.T. Clock on the wall D.A.R.E. is Wrong, mr. Cooper, and as a matter of fact, as the clock strikes Midnight in Paris, in Lagos, Nigerians are just entering the 11th hour on the Rachel Vampire side of the meridian. SO, this tells u.s. two things, find out about’em on the next segment which Personne is going to read, période!

^ Previously regarded as CARD CARRYING REPUBLICANS.

In God, Öüï trusts — Yeah, fuck it*

Now playing, at the American Baseball Championship, on planet Earth:

Verde aguacate

Verde aguacate .:. F7985F53-80F0-45AF-A005-4310C0D74ED0

Goooooo, Farmer John!

Meanwhile at the French Open, Bradley Cooper is on the loose, —d.A.t. motherfucker!!!

So, Mr. Bradley, hanging around with little “flics” at the Place Goldoni right next to the DEER PASSAGE, eh‽ Eye could see d.a.t. allegiance forge before you left les Champs-Élysées… 🎶 What now, what’s next, where to? », c’mon Mr. Bradley, if that is your real name, —ketch-up!

… must show WO’ik:

https ://asegovia3 .com /2020/04/07 /peut-etre-nest-quun-simple-hasard-its-the-11th-hour

In La France, no farce intended

In La France, no farce intended… the police syndicate controls the narrative, but then again, Bradley Cooper, Öüï has seen d.a.t. movie too.


Meanwhile at the Latin Paradise in Paris…

Bradley Cooper is breaking the windows at the Louis Funès satellite store of an infamous purse peddler.

Stay out of Saint Germain-des-Pres

Stay out of Saint Germain-des-Près, Gringo!

Preliminary reports from the Luis Funès police station reveal that the NBC correspondent was fed-up with the new curfew, especially when the new Bird review at le Paradis Latin promises a Napoleonic YAZZ Review… yeah, Buddy!

Remember now, according to The National Lampoon Revue, the following ad is considered part of French Culture (with capital letters), it’s like part of HISTORY, and öüï dig it… and if you can’t or are not able to get, IT!, it’s probably because it’s a little Latin thing that we like to call the Boss–a–Nova:

Uso justo de todos los paraísos

Uso justo de todos los paraísos .:. EEDDFB36-3A9C-4E44-8A0A-B4CB2BDDD8BC 🇫🇷

After the break, Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo reviews the first night of curfew, for starters a watchful Mars remained vigil on u.s. looking down from the SW nightsky of Paname and maybe it was the news coming out of the Supreme Court in Spain but the fast-food industry did not shut their grills off, and the munchies pushers did not stop pedaling their bicycles or riding their scooters, and the sex workers (if you know where to look) did not stop hookin’… Aussi, the private clubs seem to be mimicking the “Speak Easy” of the American “Roaring 20’s”, because you have to get really–really close to the door to hear the ruckus in the Caves.


Gooooooo, Dodgers.

Gooooooo, Dodgers.

Meanwhile… after a nap, The Dodgers force a Game 7 thanks to a Betts!!! — and in New York City, the writers of SNL must Show their W’oik… WHAT’s The 411?

Tres de octubre : the power of Three en el 10

Over at the Brexit fissure is High Noon in G.M.T., and in Paris the little hand of Time is on the One.

In Washington, as the so-called “Land of the brave” is glued to la telenovela de Donald Trump, people forget That the Secretary of State is the 4th on cue to take over the u.s. of América, people in the “home of the Free” forget that while the World looks at the American Experiment crack, our favorite FOWL, Turkey (🇹🇳) —yeah, Buddy!— is going around waving his dick around the block (🇪🇺🇫🇷) and CLAIMING that Jerusalem (🇮🇱🇹🇳) belongs to the Ottoman Clan.

https ://rss .cnews .fr /pdf /NEP /20201002

In Other Words, Frankie Boy, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is pulling a Donald Trump on THE VEREDICT of World War ONE, by this logic the Ottomans did not disappear after the Great War, they were just lounging around… in their “overstuffed” sillones.

In Paris, France, MSNBC’s Bradley Cooper finally left the Saint Germain-des-Prés quartier and scooted his camera monkees to the Arc de Triumph where mr. Cooper is taking on the role of “Our Gang” character of ALFALFA.


Vía Reddit:

La semana que Philippe Separó

La semana que Philippe Separó .:. 2BBFC825-7977-4473-B57F-95BBF5461395 📰 « Crise du COVID-19 Quel Bordel », Aussi, at exactly 1187 in C.E. Time, Saladin se acopla en Jerusalem… just the facts, Ma’am.

🇫🇷 https ://www .france24 .com /en /20201002 –macron-reprimands-turkey-accusing-erdogan-of-sending-jihadists-to-azerbaijan

🇹🇳 https ://worldisraelnews .com /turkeys-erdogan-says-jerusalem-is-our-city/

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Ottoman_(furniture)