Intermedio… with Donovan Piggot

Cigarros Faros

… [A]fter the break, Cousin Joe interviews former Vice Lady Lynne, from the Dakota pole line Happy Whore House Union.

Indeed, upon learning that the great Avi Velshi had liberated the Stetson on Sunday morning cable television, Lynne Cheney, wife of former DARk LORDe and vice-president of The United States of George W. Bush, kicked ol’Dick in the ass and sent his ass to Hollywood to audition for the Role of Lee Iacocca in the sequel to the smash biopic tale of John Bronco.

Sources close to REUTERS on the way to La Madeleine reveal that upon hearing the news, BJÖRK threw-up in disgust… yeah, BUDDY!

The Icelandic diva was heard screaming and howling to a pitch never heard before, the spectrum oscillator (which interprets Björk’s gobbledygook) rendered an apocalyptic negative that was translated as:

Dick Cheney has done more to kill Iceland than any other oil baron from the Arbusto years in Houston.

And in the role of Björk, Olivia Troye, off-Course!


Check all that apply

El estuche

El estuche ⚰️ E368FD80-C9C6-4597-964B-7510791E7565 ⚱️ Remember, John Heilemann:
A casket is like a “quema cocos” because the lid is detachable, while the coffin has a hinged capote… 🧢 with that in mind, a casquette is a hat without the wings.

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