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Text, context, subtext… did ya’ get all D.A.T.?

You might not know it

Oh, Hey Negrita! You might not know it .::. 🐎 … and you’d be forgiven for not remembering that on April 15th, —aside from being the Taxman Ax day— it is also the the two-year anniversary of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman tragic death by way of 5.56 mm volley of rounds at the hands of Private “Pyle”; and that colorful language coming out of the mouth of Elise Jordan in the R.O.L.E. of casino manager for the Mexican mob, Ruth Langmore, is by way of her (Ruth Langmore) being the illegitimate daughter of the late Reverend Jimmy Lee Fansworth. In this frame, Elise barges in on a LIVE REMOTE TRANSACTION RALLY of Professor Joe Butcher’s Alabama chapter of the Olympatec Meditation Institute. In this frame, The great Fletcher F. Fletch hopelessly falls in love with Elise.

Ladies in Gemini, please kneel for the R.E.A.D.I.N.G. —not singing— of the Star Spangled Banner: Oh Say (motherfuckers), can you See?

The Tale of The Tape

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On the Red Corner:

The 7-Hills Kid and undisputed champion of the World (East of Algeciras and West of Estambul).

On the Green Corner:

The “guy” who, «  could have been a contender ».

If you start Mí up

If you start Mí up 👄🍌🎸🥁🎤🎲🎵
In the sweet old country where I come from
Nobody ever works
Yeah nothing gets done
We hang fire, we hang fire

Life is like a box of ping-pong tables… 

Round ONE:

Romulus wastes no time and revolts, for decades (in the latest iteration of the Roman Empire, « Capitalism ») the savvy warrior had no qualms with the Eastern regions of the latest version of the Asian Dynasties driving non-union workers into suicide for the sole purpose of having a new transmitter/receiver in the latest style, not to mention a plethora of non–reparable electronic gadgets that become obsolete as soon as a new Hollywood blockbuster comes out.  Remus, fighting under the code of the “técnico” under Lucha Libre rules and regulations (of course) fell for the old “carrot and stick” tactic of the “rudo” realm, and now Remus finds himself flat on his back after Romulus kicked him in the balls while Eddie Gloude,  Jr., was being distracted by the fans of Remulus who showed up with 1 %’ers of the Florida WWE Confederate Union of one-round wrestlers… it fucking figures!

Franklin is the Devil in disguise

The temptation of Sinai by the ultras .::. 5C5D1A9F-6117-4E7A-8ABC-3D7132076934 🎙… meanwhile at The Frisco Bay, it’s business as usual for the Samaritan’s Purse of Billy’s son.

While Remus cradles on his back and pressing his groin area with both of his hands and saying, “AU, me duele” Romulus raises both arms with the right hand in a closed fist and yells at the Remus fans (a bunch of Amazonas) that “Dildos” are not an essential item during the middle of PANDEMONIUM. Remus, still squirming from the kick in the nuts squeals: you don’t know that! Adding that the Girls over at Lorde Lorne’s province broke all of their “toys” after the first week of quarantine. Not to mention that over at the CATELLANI household, that couple’s dildo became an actual “toy”. 


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