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* PSA = Message d’utilité publique.

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Publicite d'Alliance

Publicite d’Alliance .::. 0169BCA7-1878-4922-9599-94FCA5AA2CAF 📬📰 … [B]revemente y, para los archivos del Segnor de “la bendita” redacción de la prefectura de París, the manager of my branch (at la banque postale) had previously used our American CC to make a payment on the yearly fee of this most non–consequential blog, the reason: the online payment central at WordPress was blocking the Debit Card issued by “la bendita” BANQUE POSTALE.

dimanche 29 – lundi 30 mars 2020

In other news, black guy on “the” MSNBC’s confirms with in–house medical contributor that Ibuprofen and other “Corona” hangover medicine is safe to take; so g’ahead, DRINK’em before the SONS of the president of México outlaw “las modelo, especial”, except of course, the modelos that they get (like Donald Trump said yesterday at the Rose GARTEN) “to ride’em LIKE COWBOYS”; check the transcript from the White House, it’s out D.A.R.E., and yes mr. president, öüï did hear your CODED message about “your heavy–sided friend” and how “he” was “visciously attacked”, don’t go there. Don’t wake up the NAHUALES.


Fuhgeddaboudit! .::. 17158D2A-A580-43CD-B4BE-474D0C987696 👁

… [E]n Hilo, Hawaii son las:

“Let's get some tacos”

“Let’s get some tacos”
🏄🏽‍♂️ Mr. Wolf (Reservoir Dogs).

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