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“Let it rip…”

Paul Simon in the role of
Dr. Fauci
formally, Dr. Fugazi

Come get some

Come get some
Ozark, S03; Ep1
Elise Jordan adjusts Willie Geist‘s attitude regarding the Bernie Sanders coverage on “the” msnbc’s.

The producers of D.A.T. D.A.R.E American narcos show forgot to refresh the memoryof the previous season to the fans of that little casino nazi manager with the crooked little midwest accent, Ruth Langmore, luckily for our the non–readers of this most non–consequential blog, öüï have got your bases covered.


BREAKING THE NEWS fron The Rose Garden:

The President of them united states has rearranged the ORGANIZED GRAB ASS SESSIONS at the white house. In an attempt to catch–up to the decision–making that Donald John Trump failed to take into consideration BACK IN THE MONTH OF JANUARY, the president is once again learning what he he should have known all along; that the Army Corps of Engineers can build beds, because the entire fucking world WHO does not live under the circus tarp of a Trump MAGA rally know, China can build hospitals in record time (One Week).

BREAKING THOUGHTS and breaking wind

Harrumphing with “the” Donald

Harrumphing with “the” Donald .::. E155DC87-DF3B-42ED-AA0A-519A32A63C25 🎪 Based on a true story… from The City of Rockridge.

Dear, Ivanka Trump,
here’s an innovative idea for the genius who said on National TV that he would probably fuck you (check the E–News), why not suggest to his dumb-ass that instead of getting in the way of the grown–up’s in the clinics and hospitals, perhaps his excellency should focus on the design process of the god damned medals that the health care and medical profession should receive when this fucking WAR that the president of France (not donald trump) declared on this “hoax” that the POTUS avoided for two months. Maybe… just maybe, Mrs. Kushner, it would restore the value that the PMF lost when your step-mother rested it on Rush Limbaugh’s neck.

The makers of this most

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