El Otro Necio — Deer, Mr. Haass meet John Mill Ackerman (Lorde of the AMLO Ring)

“Felizmente,” which transliterates as « blissfully foolish », the unofficial spokesperson and wife of the current Public Functions Secretary of the government of Mexico explains that the president of that D.A.R.E. nation continues to engage in the activities that his populist counterpart across the Rio Bravo (Donald John Trump) can only wish he could continue to engage in, which is to say engage in demagogic rallies that John Mill Ackerman’s counterpart in the nazi regime, Joseph Goebbles, would certainly give an “Ey–Plus” if the nazi propagandist was a Distinguished Visiting Professor at The Sorbonne in Paris, like John Mill Ackerman was.

El hombre perfecto

“En lugar de declarar toques de queda y esconderse atrás de cuatro paredes, sigue viajando por el país, supervisando obras, animando a la población y dialogando con la prensa en su mañanera.” .::. FCBC36D9-DA83-4102-905B-2B84578B647F 🥑 JOHN Mill ACKERMAN: el puto perfecto, porque ese hombre es bien MACHO… con la salud de su prójimo, of course.

Breaking the News… we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] interrupt the one–sided and unanswered conversation with the Stars of “the msnbc” in order to cover Agent Angle’s scoop on the Brexit Prime Minister, Boris “the spartan” Johnson:

Bolsonaro's youth

Jair’s youth .::. 4040D484-0197-46C5-94FD-9904A916BE37 ⚒🛠 “We don’t Knead Know Education”.

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Ejemplo o excepción

Ejemplo o excepción .::. 59FCCF65-BB3F-4954-A9CB-6511910D3F22 📰 Page 34.


Anyhow Mr. Haass, öüï did not take a nap today. Unforeseen circumstances forced us out of our bunker and we [the staff] had to do a mini “get a fuck out of Dodge” exercise. So, please stand–by while we try to take a Siesta and hopefully (if the working Poles don’t get in the way) we will be up and at #Em at the bottom of The Rachel Maddow Show… don’t forget to eat your meat, or you can’t have any pudding; yes you! Behind the respirator, “stand still laddy¹”.

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(They 1173 of the Potus

Meanwhile on ay 1174

Meanwhile on Day 1174 in the great State of Wisconsin, under President Trump, the Conservative Controlled Courts rule that you (motherfuckers) either get out and vote for TODAY’s Democrat primary —in person— or you SHUT THE FUCK UP in November .::. C0BF0B30-F8C0-482B-829E-C3DC6159C2FB 🗳🦠🏇🏼🗣✍🏼🙏🏼😈⚰️

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Publicite d'Alliance

Publicite d’Alliance .::. 0169BCA7-1878-4922-9599-94FCA5AA2CAF 📬📰 … [B]revemente y, para los archivos del Segnor de “la bendita” redacción de la prefectura de París, the manager of my branch (at la banque postale) had previously used our American CC to make a payment on the yearly fee of this most non–consequential blog, the reason: the online payment central at WordPress was blocking the Debit Card issued by “la bendita” BANQUE POSTALE.

dimanche 29 – lundi 30 mars 2020

In other news, black guy on “the” MSNBC’s confirms with in–house medical contributor that Ibuprofen and other “Corona” hangover medicine is safe to take; so g’ahead, DRINK’em before the SONS of the president of México outlaw “las modelo, especial”, except of course, the modelos that they get (like Donald Trump said yesterday at the Rose GARTEN) “to ride’em LIKE COWBOYS”; check the transcript from the White House, it’s out D.A.R.E., and yes mr. president, öüï did hear your CODED message about “your heavy–sided friend” and how “he” was “visciously attacked”, don’t go there. Don’t wake up the NAHUALES.


Fuhgeddaboudit! .::. 17158D2A-A580-43CD-B4BE-474D0C987696 👁

… [E]n Hilo, Hawaii son las:

“Let's get some tacos”

“Let’s get some tacos”
🏄🏽‍♂️ Mr. Wolf (Reservoir Dogs).