Deer, Alicia Menendez — Now D.A.T. öüï is with The Ozarks

Don’t join “The Runaways”, and don’t, for one second think that öüï missed a beat last night when you gulped after covering Candidate’s Biden on your weekend show.

The re-adjustment

The attitude re-adjustment .::. 601D73FA-E0BC-4A98-B65A-416B50C197ED 🦌Episode where Willie Geist suggests that Phil Griffin should not BLACK-OUT the coverage of The Bernie Sanders Campaign, and where Elise Jordan gets to treat Willie Geist as a non–conformist Jonas Brother. 🎟 Trivia: Elise Jordan was a member of the Mickey Mouse Club and was trained by Mickey (🐀) on how to properly hit someone with balls, in the balls.

And starring as Willy Geist:
Frank Cosgroves, Jr.

In triangulated Local news…
🎵 Now you’ve heard about the… toilette paper raids; [break]

From Reuters, vía La Jornada (de el staff) .::. 6BDDD52C-AEB2-4179-B85A-EA9BE91CF3EE 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ Covid-19: Mayor productor de condones del mundo alerta sobre escasez. —_•!•_— President TRUMP Suggests to the Trojans at USC if it would be possible to reuse them “capotes” after use, just like the face masks, —you know

it’s not ONE of THOSE.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /sociedad /2020/03/29 /covid-19-mayor-productor-de-condones-del-mundo-alerta-sobre-escasez-9462 .html

Deer, Ari Melver

Deer, Ari Melver .::. C43C4754-9375-41FD-A3CF-968E0A45C240 💦 Please remind the good doctor, D.A.T. öüï never ever – ever ever fake the content, nor look for props, —and D.A.T. öüï, will most definitely keep our droplets. —_•!•_— Fake, it! Go ahead, Try it.

And, you probably heard about how the Atlantans from Atlanta went ahead and suplexed the heck out of the “applause in unison” for the hospital workers during the COVID–19 epidemic… but! And it’s a big but, New York City would have none of it and one of them “peacock” news producers had to “document” how those dang–on city slickers HAD THE GALL, to take from France what appears to be a wave of appreciation for Medical Care issues; at this motherfucking rate, Robert Costa…

How about that Yamiche, eh!

How about that Yamiche, eh! .::. E3B52D4D-E930-4279-9F25-105D7FF87AE2 🗣 Eye will not spread coodies on you or the Fed wife; however, eye will shower you both on the Sanders blackout on “the” MSNBC’s and, Cousin Joe, the spotlight on “the” VP. —_•!•_— Listen man, if the best choice to replace Trump is a used car salesman, then so be it, but all öüï are saying is that if The best option was a person who tells “the moment” what it wants to hear, we the people are going to be stuck with the same system which allowed The Tea Party to flourish and… Beto O’Rourke said it best: Biden would be great for his father–in–law’s bottom line.

Americans might just go ahead and opt for D.A.T. D.A.R.E universal health care option at the ballot box next November. It’s too bad, Andrea Mitchell (our favorite FED’s wife) that the Trump administration is already working for that “special place in Hell” for both profiting out of the COVID-19 crisis and, for working the beta–phase machinations to hijack his second term in office, Oh, the motherfucking humanity, Cousin Joe! The motherfucking humanity.

And at Nicolle’s basement:

It is now evident, that the Wallace husband’s household shower head has no pressure. For reference please check with NEWman at the United States POSTAL SERVICE; for reference, please check with Mr. Schdmitty, or just watch the syndicated reruns:

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