The Third Amendment… no talking head shall:

3.1 No talking head shall find Quarter in any living room set during Election Cycles.

Places restrictions on...

Places restrictions on Nº 42 deregulation of The Son of General Colin Powell and Media Conglomerates, like « La Silla Rota » de Mayor Bloomberg  on  in the Mexican markets.

3.2 No talking head shall “let the They’s* go buy”, any election or governmental job.

* Singular possessive

Eye can't stand losing

Hear mí out Franck .:. 38A5E457-851A-4551-B1F5-9D368D8E6037 🐙 Eye can’t stand losing “la concha de Catherine Denueve”, en el sushi roll de Cecily Strong. Now, because ÖÜÏ the staff of this most non–consequential blog never thought that we would make this far and, because öüï know that the official logo for THEM  National Reconnaissance Officials* is an Ian Flaming Lipsoctopussyand, just like D.A.T. Ministère de La Culture en Francia, its tentacles touch EVRY ‘motherFunking’ Organ of a Carbon–based life form — öüï covered it, Indeed. —_•!•_— Aussi, we (Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto) have it ON GOOD (peered–reviewed) MEDICAL Authority that Sushi CONSUMPTION while exploring the Parisian (restricted) underground below Rennes and Denfert-Rochereau will give you [ÖÜÏ repeat] will give you the shits… go with the Monop’ Chicken Sandwich instead.

* NRO Launch 39
Mission Type:
RADAR (love) Imaging
Launch D.A.T.E.:
Taxi Type:
https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /USA-247

3.3 No talking head shall tank the Economy in the name of « our Lorde Trump ».

Friends without the “Eye”

A misfit in all the Wrong Güeys

A misfit in all the Wrong Güeys .:. A90E3D5D-837F-4820-97B7-B5F6E31429D6

This amendment prohibits any sitting U.S. president from reaping the Economic benefits from his or her predecessor, and then SINKING these like the 45th president of them United STATES of America did with Barak HUSAIN Obama’s exiting Budget.

3.4 No talking head shall blame De Blasio for luggage lost on the way to the forum.

Blame N° 43 and his color coded Ridge

3.5 No talking Head shall raise politically dead Vice’s in Carolina’s Mary… wait for it. Wait.

… and last but not least:

3.6 No talking head shall imagine a:

chicken in a heaven
“Full of roosters and plenty of corn
And God is a very old rooster
And eggs are like Jesus, his son”.

The Third Amendment for an American Utopia
With musical guest:

The Call of Ktulu and It’s a Fort Knox Life.

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