¿República Bananera? Impeachment Hearing opens

15h10 Donald Trump’s posse objects then interrupts the instructions from Mr. Nadler, the chairman of the Impeachement Sessions. Donald Trump, like a true coward did not show up to face the music.

¿Una Républica bananera?

¿Una Républica bananera?.:. It remains to be seen.

And in Florida… in Florida bananas are a perfect Money Laundromat.

Just Like Vegas

19h00 The Gentleman’s Time will Continue, however, en raison de une appel de HUELGA, it will not bee, öüï repeat, It Will Not BEE Live; but it will bee EVIL.

“Play U.S. on Jimmy”
…[b]ut ditch the Drummer!
— “Baguettes!!!”, NEVER, Jimmy

Maybee Eye is just like his mother

Maybee Eye is just like his mother.:.241BBE69-9293-45E1-BF22-69E6BE2BEE56 —•_¥_•— She’s never satisfied, and just ROLLs witt on it, Maaaaaan!

This is what a fly’s shit on a picture looks SOUNDs like:

https ://www .fip .fr/emissions/club-jazzafip/club-jazzafip-du-lundi-09-decembre-2019-17223


The Day that Donald Trump salió sobrando

The Day that Donald Trump made the United States of America, “redundant” in European affairs.:.4FA4236D-4258-4D9F-BEE6-7B99C394196B

Jupiter just Dee_Briefed the Ukraine.

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