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The Day The Earth Stood Stupid

The invasion came vía Hawaii

Just the Facts, Ma’am.:.3E952557-1B4B-4D49-8F8E-A990780E19F4 •+• The invasion came vía Hawaii, The Dolphins were on T.V. (Monday Night SuperBall) Howard Cosell was in charge of the Audio; not by choice, but vía Destiny, child. •|• … [A]nd not to BEE SUPERSTITIOUS (SIREN) but, the killer had a Previous reference, Jack! The Mark is from Forth Worth, Camelot’s Last Stop before the Library Incident in Dallas.

Narrated by John Winston Lennon
a.k.a. “The Egg Man”

April's fool

April’s fool.:.1550C4DF-D807-4F62-A1C1-81898FBF1E50 •|•

Scene Two, in where “Conflict in Journalism” is on a Greyhound to Amarillo by morning… up from Sanan Thon. Hilarity ensues, when a special “Fry’d” brain boards the bus in KooooooUhuhUhl El Paso.

Meanwhile, in The Redneck Riviera…

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