Dear, Jupiter — 13,000 lies can’t BEE wrong, right?

You, Sir…

Yo acuso

Yo acuso.:.E01624C8-4149-4FB5-ADD9-B03A411F3DA2 .:. DEER, Mika, please inform the Bob Costa (voice-alike) to stop comparing Citizen’s Mulvaney’s “get over it” press conference to a “Clown Show”. Clowns laugh at the face of absurdity, Mulvaney is just going along for the Fellatio ice cream. So, Mulvaney is more of a fetish Amsterdam sex act, not a pantomime, a circus, or a comedy. The Mulvaney show is a whips and leather spectacle… and dumb Young Americans like it. 13.000 lies can’t bee WRONG.

… [TOI] will bee the Biggest Bitch if you go to Vero Beach (to attend) the G-7 at Trump’s failing resort.

If the French people allow their Tax-paying Euros to finance the bed-bug ridden HOTEL of Citizen Trump, then François Hollande is right, Sciences-Po needs a childrens book to Explain “the” Republic.

This segment is made possible by: NAPOLITANOS de Bimbo. Bimbo, the best dough in the World.

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