Maestro de perros; 40–each, S.V.P., no R.S.V.P. – All Access Backstage Pass

Mientras tanto en El Grand REX:

Live Session

Live Sessions Evry Way.

“Fuck South Park”
Season 23, Ep.3
Randy Marsh, dix it, period

Les Simpsons: Maître–Chiens

Les Simpsons: Maître–Chiens.:.B86022AE-FE63-4279-8BDF-9F15EAB8507A 🎷| 🎼 Digresión a seguir. Get your Sheet-Cheats outside of your Local Hardware and Gardening Store; immigrants are standing–BUY, period… this Segment of JCDecaux is brought to EWE’all by 🥁🧂🥜’s and of CORSE, Napoléon Bonaparte’s towelFuck Donald John Trump, his legacy, his Family (except the fat daughter) and his bathrobe, —in REEL THYME— period

Go ahead, blame the Towel.

... [A]nd in the role of

… [A]nd in the role of Joe Scarborough, Rachel Glasses (with contacts on).

… [A]ny self respecting Actes Sud reader Gknows that for every brigade of domesticated wolfs trained to do the French T.S.A’s dirty “canine” exploitation, there are legions of Clochards [Avatares de la Maub; La Jornada] and “hard piping” toxicomaines [Digital French] who could really use the opportunity to shine.

… Transition:

Play Ball

Pleybol.:.70C754C8-32A0-497A-B882-2E81D776A82C |•| … por si te da LA Ghana. And no, Eddie Vedder, there’s no “Eye” missing in D.A.T. “Oho

Deer, Negrita,

This one is FO’your aunts and uncles back in your Tierra.



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